Around the World Tickets

For many out there to travel the globe sounds like a dream come true, but they think it is too expensive. Yes, it is not cheap because besides the flights you have to think about the money you will spend in each destination. With the globe continuing to be inter-connected every year and with the internet, we are able to make our dream come true. Who would not want to get on a plane and be able to see most of the continents and all that they offer in one trip.

When you start your round-the-world trip, you will start and end your trip from the same country and you will travel westbound or eastbound crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. You need to keep travelling in a forward direction and most RTW tickets you will have up to 1 year in total for the trip. Most around-the-world tickets you are allowed up to 15 stopovers of greater than 24 hours. However, the more stops you make the more expensive it is due to the additional flight segments and airport taxes. In addition, you need to book the whole ticket and all the segments before you travel, but if you decide to change any dates, you will need to pay the fare charge and change fee with most tickets.

I once flew from Perth, Australia to Canada and it was cheaper to fly on the around-the-world ticket then it was for a simple return ticket. Yes, it was a fast trip and I never took a year to do it all, but it was fun picking different cities and traveling the world in a couple of months.

If you are serious about doing an around-the-world trip, you should look at airline alliances like Star AllianceOneworld or Skyteam. If you do this, all the flights need to be flown with all the airlines in this alliance. Out of the three, I personally think that Star Alliance has the better network and RTW tickets seem to be the best prices with this alliance as well.  When you go onto their online trip planner, it allows you put in all your stopovers into the itinerary with dates and it will give the price. Play around with the dates and cities within bigger countries because you will probably find cheaper prices. If you collect frequent flyer points or miles you will be definitely be able to accumulate loads doing around-the-world flight.

Another option is using our preferred company Cheap0air where you can mix and match different airlines, routes and you can even have low-cost or budget airlines in these tickets. It lets you see prices, itineraries and you can play with your dates and locations to find the best price for you.

Some popular around the world tickets to give you an idea include the following flight only prices and this would include taxes and surcharges. Remember the key word here is from because depending on the time of year and cities you fly into will determine the overall cost for the around-the-world-ticket.

Route: London – Hong Kong – Sydney – Los Angeles

From £1200 ($1600)

London – Bangkok overland to Singapore – Perth – overland to Sydney – Raratonga – Nadi – Los Angeles  Overland New York – London

From £1900 ($2500)

London – Singapore – Bangkok – Sydney – own arrangements – Brisbane – Auckland – Santiago – own arrangements – Buenos Aires – London

From £2200 ($3000)

These prices will vary on the time of year, but I have done two around-the-world tickets and I think it is the best way to see the world and more affordable then many people would think.

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