Best Bars & Clubs on Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road in Bangkok is a famed nightlife location because partying there is an amazing experience. Khaosan Road, which is in the centre of the city, is well known for its buzzing atmosphere, lively bars, and vivacious street parties.

Khaosan Road comes alive as dusk falls with neon lights, upbeat music, and crowds of both residents and tourists. Numerous bars, clubs and food stands that serve a wide selection of beverages, cocktails and delectable delicacies along the area.

The vibrant atmosphere and never-ending party spirit of Khaosan Road’s nightlife are well-known. Join the lively street parties where revelers congregate to enjoy music, street performances, and socializing, dance the night away in one of the open-air clubs, groove to live music performances, or just join in on the fun.

The nightlife on Khaosan Road is a vibrant mash-up of cultures and personalities, producing a melting pot of fun and entertainment. In the centre of Bangkok’s thriving nightlife, it is a place where you can have fun, make new friends, and make lasting memories. In this article, we will give you which bars and clubs we think are the best around Khoasan Road.

  1. The ONE at Khaosan

On Bangkok’s bustling Khaosan Road is where you will find the legendary nightclub ONE at Khaosan. Both residents and visitors seeking an unforgettable evening experience frequent this location.

The ONE at Khaosan offers a chic and sophisticated ambiance with its sleek and contemporary design. Modern music and lighting technologies in the club give partygoers a fully immersive experience. Guests may have a terrific view of the action from high platforms that encircle the roomy dance floor.

Regularly hosting renowned local and worldwide DJs as well as live performances, ONE at Khaosan offers a wide selection of musical genres to satisfy all preferences. The club offers a diverse roster of music to keep the crowd moving all night long, ranging from EDM and house to hip-hop and R&B.

For those looking for a more opulent experience, the club offers VIP areas with special services and bottle service options.

ONE at Khaosan promises an exciting and energizing partying experience in the centre of Bangkok’s buzzing nightlife scene, whether you’re a fan of dance music or just seeking for a memorable night out.

  1. The Roof Bar on Khaosan Road

Bangkok’s Roof Bar on Khaosan Road provides a distinctive rooftop experience right in the middle of the action-packed city’s entertainment sector. This rooftop bar, perched far above the busy streets, offers a sweeping view of the bustling Khaosan Road below.

The Roof Bar’s dynamic and colorful ambiance draws a variety of residents and visitors looking to have a wonderful night out. It’s the perfect place to unwind and take in the lively environment with comfy seats, warm lounge areas and a well equipped bar.

Indulge in a vast selection of beverages, including inventive cocktails, top-notch wines, and crisp beers, while taking in the breath-taking views of Khaosan Road and the cool evening wind. The pub frequently has live music performances or DJs, which enhances the lively atmosphere and maintains a high level of energy.

The Roof Bar on Khaosan Road is a great pick for a spectacular rooftop experience in Bangkok, whether you are searching for a pre-party gathering or a peaceful area to rest after exploring the bustling streets.

  1. Rere Khoasan

On Khaosan Road, there is a well-known bar and restaurant called Rere Khoasan. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional meals and specializes in serving real Thai food.

With cozy dining areas and chic décor, the restaurant has a warm and laid-back vibe. A variety of traditional Thai meals, such as green curry, pad Thai, and tom yum soup, are offered on the menu at Rere Khoasan. The restaurant is an excellent alternative for people with dietary constraints because it also has a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

There are live music evenings here, and the venue is frequently bustling with music lovers. Compared to some of the other pubs on Khoasan Road, the personnel is excellent, there are cool cocktails and beers, and the atmosphere is relaxing.

  1. The Club Khaosan

On Bangkok’s renowned Khaosan Road, Club Khaosan is a well-known nightlife destination that guarantees a memorable party experience. The centre of the thriving nightlife, this club attracts both locals and visitors with its upbeat atmosphere and pounding music.

There are several floors and locations at Club Khaosan, and each has a distinct atmosphere. The action takes place on the main dance floor, which features excellent sound systems, eye-catching lighting, and skilled DJs spinning a variety of top singles and electronic beats. People are dancing and having a good time into the wee hours of the morning because of the contagious energy on the dance floor.

For those seeking a more intimate experience, the club also offers VIP rooms with attentive service and superior views of the dance floor. Club Khaosan presents a wide variety of events and themed nights that cater to many musical interests, including hip-hop and EDM in addition to international live artists.

Club Khaosan is the place to be if you are searching for an electric night out in Bangkok. It offers an immersive and exciting partying experience that will leave you wanting more.

  1. Molly Bar

A well-liked nightlife destination in Bangkok, Molly Bar provides partygoers with a distinctive and thrilling experience. Molly Bar draws both residents and visitors looking for a great night out because of its lively ambiance and upbeat vibe.

Guests can groove to the sounds of professional DJs spinning a variety of popular songs on the bar’s energetic dance floor. Hip-hop, EDM, house, and top 40 singles are all represented in the music, so there is something for every taste.

To keep the party going, Molly Bar also provides a large assortment of drinks, including specialty cocktails and other spirits. The enthusiastic and amiable personnel contributes to the lively atmosphere and ensures that visitors enjoy a wonderful experience.

Molly Bar offers a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere amid Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife scene, whether you want to dance, enjoy fantastic music or just relax with friends.

  1. Lava Club on Khaosan Road

Bangkok’s Lava Club is a well-known nightlife destination that guarantees a fantastic party time. It is located on Khaosan Road. The bright ambiance, upbeat vibe, and driving music at this club are what keep the throng dancing all night.

Lava Club has a variety of rooms and floors, each with its own atmosphere and experience. A dynamic and immersive scene is created for partygoers on the main dance floor thanks to spectacular lighting and music equipment. The club features a range of regional and international DJs who play a mixture of hip-hop, electronic, and EDM music.

For those seeking a more intimate experience, the club also has VIP rooms with attentive service and plush couches. Lava Club offers an exciting and electrifying atmosphere for a wonderful night out on Khaosan Road, whether you are dancing to the rhythms, hanging out with friends or just enjoying a drink at the bar.

7. Gulliver’s Tavern

Popular pub and sports bar Gulliver’s Tavern on Khaosan Road provides both residents and visitors with a lively and relaxed ambiance. Sports fans who want to watch live sporting events on large screens while sipping on a few drinks frequent this energetic place.

There is something for every taste at Gulliver’s Tavern, which offers a large assortment of regional and foreign beers, spirits, and cocktails. Burgers, pizzas, and finger foods are among the bar is other selections of pub fare that are excellent for refueling before a game.

The welcoming staff, engaging games, and frequent live music performances accentuate Gulliver’s Tavern’s lively atmosphere. It is a great spot to mingle with other travelers, make new friends, and take in the lively energy of Khaosan Road.

Gulliver’s Tavern is a well-liked option for a fun night out in the centre of Bangkok’s busy nightlife scene, whether you’re a sports enthusiast searching for a spot to catch a game or simply wanting a relaxed and enjoyable pub experience.

8. The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill

Bangkok’s Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill is a well-liked hangout for sports fans and those looking for a fun atmosphere. It is situated on Khaosan Road. Live sports screens, delectable food and an extensive drink menu are all offered at this lively sports pub.

The Clubhouse is a go-to location for watching your favorite games, matches, or tournaments because it has many screens showing a range of sporting events. With other sports fans around you, you may enjoy the excitement of live events in a variety of sports, such as rugby, football, and basketball.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of delectable foods, including traditional pub fare like burgers, wings, nachos, and more. To go along with your meal, the bar also serves a variety of draught beers, creative cocktails, and spirits.

For sports fans wishing to enjoy fantastic cuisine, drinks and live sports action on Khaosan Road, Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill is a good pick. Its friendly staff, laid-back atmosphere and focus to offering an excellent sports viewing experience make it a top pick.

9. Brick Bar on Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road’s Brick Bar is a well-known nightlife destination renowned for its vivacious ambiance and lively performances. With its lively ambiance and varied options, this busy pub draws both locals and visitors.

The Brick Bar distinguishes out thanks to its distinctive brick-themed décor, which gives it a unique and industrial appearance. Live music performances, DJ sets, and interactive events are all featured in the bar’s amazing schedule, which keeps the crowd entertained all night long. The music selection appeals to a wide array of preferences, with live bands performing a wide range of genres and talented DJs spinning contagious beats.

While interacting with other partygoers, guests can sip on a range of creative cocktails, artisan beers, and spirits. The pub also features inviting spots for patrons to relax and a dance floor where they can let free and party all night long.

Brick Bar on Khaosan Road, located in the centre of Bangkok’s busiest area, offers a thrilling and unforgettable nightlife experience with its lively ambiance, live entertainment and inventive libations.