Best Cities to Visit for Under $50 a Day

A cost-effective and gratifying approach to see the world without sacrificing experiences is to travel for less than $50 per day. Start by selecting inexpensive lodging options like hostels, guesthouses, or even camping to achieve this journey on a tight budget. To enjoy real cuisine at reasonable prices, embrace the local street food and restaurants. To save transportation expenditures, use public transit or choose walking and bicycling instead.

Look for free or inexpensive attractions, such as museums, markets, and parks. Use city passes or tourist cards to save money on a variety of attractions. Make smart travel arrangements to reduce unnecessary costs. Consider joining group excursions or rideshares to split expenses with other travellers. Travelling in off-peak or shoulder seasons can also result in big savings on lodging and entertainment. Travelling the world on less than $50 a day is not only possible but can also be an enriching, memorable experience with careful planning, and a flexible mind-set.

In this article, we will give you our list of the best cities to visit for under $50 a day.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Travelling in Hanoi, Vietnam’s energetic city, for less than $50 a day is completely doable and enables you fully immerse yourself in its rich culture and history without breaking the bank. Start by choosing inexpensive lodging in the Old Quarter, such as guesthouses or hostels, which provide a convenient location at low rates.

By indulging in mouth-watering street food at crowded markets or pavement stalls, you can embrace the local culinary scene. Try well-known foods that are both flavourful and affordable, like as pho, banh mi, and spring rolls.

Use the city’s accessible public transit, such as buses and motorbike taxis, to see Hanoi’s sites on foot or while travelling within the city. The Temple of Literature and Hoan Kiem Lake are just two examples of the historical sites and cultural attractions that offer free or inexpensive admission.

Join free walking tours to meet locals, or explore the city’s parks and vibrant neighborhoods. You can maximize your Hanoi experience while remaining around $50 per day with smart planning and a little local knowledge.

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  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

You can visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, for less than $50 per day and yet take in the glories of Angkor and the local culture without breaking the bank. Start by selecting inexpensive lodgings close to the city centre, such as guesthouses or hostels.

Consume delectable local Cambodian cuisine at reasonably priced street food vendors or small restaurants to reduce meal costs. Amok and lok lak are two wonderful traditional dishes that are also inexpensive.

With a one-day or three-day pass, you can have plenty of time to see the majestic temples of Angkor and learn about this UNESCO World Heritage site. Consider renting bicycles to get about the temples; they are not only affordable but also provide a special, immersive experience.

Take advantage of Siem Reap’s free or inexpensive activities by going to local marketplaces, wandering around the Old Market district, or watching traditional Apsara dance performances. You may have an amazing Siem Reap experience while staying under a $50 daily budget by making wise decisions and embracing the local culture.

  1. Vientiane, Laos

You may enjoy Vientiane, Laos’s laid-back character and cultural heritage without breaking the budget by travelling for less than $50 each day. Begin by deciding on economical lodging options, such as guesthouses or hostels, which provide cosy accommodations.

Enjoy delectable Lao cuisine for a fair price at neighbourhood restaurants and food stands that serve items like sticky rice, laap, and papaya salad. Use tuk-tuks or hire bicycles to explore the city’s sights and neighbourhoods, and adopt the local mode of transportation.

With free or inexpensive entrance fees to several temples, like Wat Si Saket and Wat Haw Phra Kaew, you may explore the city’s cultural treasures without spending a lot of money. Take in the scenery as you stroll along the Mekong River and see sites like Patuxai and That Dam.

Meet locals while shopping at the thriving night markets, which provide a wide selection of items at discount pricing. You may have a memorable experience in Vientiane for less than $50 per day by carefully organising your itinerary and choosing sensible options.

  1. La Paz, Bolivia

In La Paz, Bolivia, spending less than $50 a day on travel provides an exciting opportunity to experience this historically significant city and its breath-taking surrounds. Choose inexpensive lodging options in the city centre, such as hostels or guesthouses, where rates are lower.

Enjoy the flavours of Bolivian food at neighbourhood markets and food carts, where tasty and inexpensive options like salteas, empanadas, and quinoa soup. Discover the intriguing sites in La Paz, such as the Witches’ Market, Plaza Murillo, and the Teleférico, all of which have inexpensive or free entrance.

Use economical modes of transportation to travel to local attractions like Valle de la Luna or Chacaltaya, such as the vast public bus system or shared minivans. Participate in the local culture by going to festivals or performances of traditional dances, which are frequently free to the public.

With careful planning and a willingness to experience local culture, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience in La Paz for less than $50 per day, making the most of your money and leaving behind priceless memories.

  1. Lima, Peru

You can explore Lima, Peru’s rich history, vibrant culture, and delectable food without going over budget by travelling for less than $50 a day. Look for inexpensive lodging in neighbourhoods like Barranco or Miraflores, where hostels and guesthouses provide possibilities.

At street sellers and local markets, you can sample Peru’s world-famous cuisine including cheap ceviche, anticuchos, and empanadas. Consider choosing one of the many restaurants’ “menu del dia” or set lunch specials, which give a satisfying meal at a lesser price.

Visit free or inexpensive locations like Plaza de Armas, Huaca Pucllana, and Parque del Amor to take in Lima’s attractions without breaking the bank. Take a stroll around the Malecon or simply enjoy the free coastline views.

To get around the city cheaply, use Lima’s public transit system, which includes the Metropolitano and buses. Participate in free events like cultural fairs and art exhibits to get a taste of the local way of life.

You can maximize your vacation for less than $50 per day while taking in all that the dynamic capital of Peru has to offer by making wise decisions and taking use of Lima’s low-cost amenities.

  1. Da Nang, Vietnam

You may see Da Nang, Vietnam’s beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and mouthwatering cuisine without breaking the bank by travelling for less than $50 per day. Look for inexpensive lodging in the city’s centre or close to the beach, such as guesthouses or discount hotels.

At affordable restaurants and food booths, indulge in delectable Vietnamese street food and regional specialities like banh mi, mi quang, and cao lau. Discover Da Nang’s attractions, many of which charge little or no admission, such as the Marble Mountains, Dragon Bridge, and My Khe Beach.

Use affordable and effective transportation choices to explore nearby locations like Hoi An and Ba Na Hills, such as by renting a motorbike or using Grab. Take advantage of free pursuits like beach strolls, sunrise watching, and trips to neighbourhood markets.

Making the most of your vacation budget in this alluring Vietnamese city, Da Nang, can be experienced for less than $50 per day by being frugal and paying attention to your spending.

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  1. Sofia, Bulgaria

You may experience Sofia, Bulgaria’s rich history, cultural attractions, and delectable food while travelling for less than $50 per day. In the heart of the city or close to the most visited sights, look for inexpensive lodging options like hostels or guesthouses.

Enjoy traditional Bulgarian cuisine at good priced neighbourhood restaurants and food stands, where delectable meals like banitsa, kebapche, and shopska salad are available. Utilise low-cost or free activities including touring famous sites like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the St. George Rotunda, and the Sofia Central Market Hall.

Use the trams and metro, as well as the affordable and effective public transit, to navigate around Sofia. Discover attractive areas with a bustling ambiance and a variety of cultural activities, such as Vitosha Boulevard and Oborishte Street.

By keeping track of your spending and choosing wisely, you can experience Sofia’s distinct charm and history for less than $50 per day, making the most of your money while taking in Bulgaria’s captivating capital.

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Travelling in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on a budget of $50 a day enables you to take in the city’s rich history, discover its temples, savor its exquisite cuisine, and take in its stunning natural surroundings without going overboard. Look for inexpensive lodging options, like as guesthouses or discount motels, especially in the Old City or Nimmanhaemin regions.

Enjoy mouth-watering Thai street food and regional fare at the many markets and food stalls dotted across the city. At reasonable pricing, savour delectable meals like khao soi, som tum, and mango sticky rice.

Discover the cultural gems of Chiang Mai, many of which have inexpensive entrance prices, including Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Take advantage of free activities like exploring the night markets, going to the park, and seeing traditional dance performances.

Rent bikes or motorbikes and take shared cabs for less expensive transportation. Learn about the natural treasures in Chiang Mai, like as the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls and Doi Inthanon National Park.

Under $50 a day, you can thoroughly immerse yourself in Chiang Mai’s charm while discovering the wonders of Northern Thailand by making sensible decisions and taking advantage of the city’s economical options.

  1. Kathmandu, Nepal

Travelling in Kathmandu, Nepal, on a budget of under $50 per day enables you to take in the city’s rich cultural history, historic temples, and stunning surroundings. In Thamel or other central locations, look for inexpensive lodging options like guesthouses or discount hotels.

At neighborhood restaurants and street vendors, enjoy affordable momo, dal bhat, and samosas while sampling delectable Nepali food. Discover the historic sites in Kathmandu, including as Swayambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, and Durbar Square, which have reasonably priced entrance costs.

Take part in activities that are free or inexpensive, such as trekking to overlooks, visiting local markets, and going to cultural events. Take use of economical and convenient local transportation choices like rickshaws and microbuses to navigate around the city.

Go on an inexpensive adventure in the local countryside by going for a walk through the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park or by visiting the Patan Durbar Square.

Making the most of your travel budget in this alluring Himalayan city, you can enjoy an interesting trip in Kathmandu for under $50 per day by being aware of your costs and immersing yourself in Nepal’s diverse culture.

  1. Lviv, Ukraine

In Lviv, Ukraine, spending less than $50 a day gives you the chance to see the city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and dynamic culture without going over your travel budget. Look for inexpensive lodging options like hostels or guesthouses in the city centre or close to tourist hotspots.

Enjoy delectable Ukrainian fare at inexpensive neighborhood eateries and street vendors, where meals like varenyky, borscht, and kovbasa can be had for a fair price. Take advantage of free or inexpensive activities like exploring the quaint Old Town and touring landmarks like Rynok Square and the Lviv Opera House.

Enjoy free access to galleries, live performances on the street, and artistic events while taking in the city’s cultural aura. Use the city’s public transit, such as buses and trams, to travel around it cheaply.

Discover Lviv’s coffee culture by paying a reasonable price for a cup of coffee in one of the city’s cosy cafés. Making the most of your trip budget in this alluring Ukrainian city, Lviv, you may completely experience its charm and culture for under $50 per day by practicing financial responsibility and making wise decisions.