Best Live Music Venues in Da Nang

Vietnam’s lively seaside city of Da Nang is home to delicious food and gorgeous beaches, but it’s also becoming known for its thriving live music scene, which fills the bars. Live music bars in Da Nang are nestled between the calm coastline and busy streets, providing the ideal fusion of foreign vibes, local talent, and a warm welcome.

The lively neighborhood around Bach Dang Street, where establishments like Simple Man Pub and Golden Pine Pub draw audiences with their live music performances, is one of the iconic locations. There is music for every taste at these places, which showcase a variety of genres from Vietnamese pop to classic rock. Guests can enjoy cool beverages and tap their feet to the beat of excellent bands and solo performers.

The alleyways of the An Thuong neighborhood have hidden gems like Section 30, Trip 66, and C Bar for those looking for a more private atmosphere. Travelers can relax with acoustic sets and savor delectable beverages in these comfortable settings.

The live music culture in Da Nang isn’t just found in conventional pubs. Live music performances are occasionally held at places like The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, which contributes a bit of cultural diversity to the city’s musical landscape.

Da Nang’s live music bars are a must-visit for anyone interested in live music or just seeking an exciting night out. They provide an immersive experience that encapsulates the vibrant atmosphere of the city, leaving customers wanting more. In this article, we will give you our best live music venues in Da Nang, Vietnam.


  1. Section 30 Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

The vibrant expat community of An Thuong is home to the well-known Section 30 Bar, which is a shining example of Da Nang’s nightlife. This hip venue has a distinct appeal that makes it stand out from the many bars in the city. Section 30 Bar honors the past while embracing the modernity of Vietnam today, taking its name from the U.S. Army’s military support command unit during the Vietnam War.

The atmosphere of Section 30 Bar greets guests with a seamless fusion of industrial style and Vietnamese warmth. A feeling of nostalgia is evoked by exposed brick walls decorated with colorful graffiti murals and old antiques, and comfortable seating arrangements urge guests to settle down for an amazing evening.

A carefully chosen assortment of craft beers, spirits and cocktails, created by talented mixologists, are available on the bar’s menu. With everything from traditional recipes to specialty cocktails influenced by regional flavors, there’s something to tempt any pallet. Snack on delicious bar snacks while sipping your preferred beverage, or treat yourself to a full comfort meal from their menu including foreign cuisine.

The live music scene at Section 30 Bar is what really makes it unique. From blues and jazz to rock and electronic beats, an eclectic mix of local and international talent graces the stage, exhibiting a wide spectrum of musical styles. Every visit is made more unforgettable by the contagious energy of the performances, which translates into everyone tapping their feet to the beat or belting out their favorite songs during karaoke nights.

Section 30 Bar is a lively place that embodies Da Nang’s booming nightlife scene with its lively ambiance, delectable cocktails and compelling live music. For both locals and tourists, it’s a must-visit location where friendships and memories are formed against the backdrop of excellent company and music.

  1. On the Radio Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

A hidden gem in the heart of Da Nang’s exciting nightlife is Radio Bar Live Venue. It distinguishes itself as a sanctuary for partygoers and music lovers alike, providing a vibrant blend of live performances, lively ambiance, and a sense of community.

Entering Radio Bar Live Venue, you find yourself in a small space with the stage taking center stage. With the audience positioned near to the performers, the layout of the theatre is intended to create an immersive experience that fosters intimacy and connection. The décor offers a chic yet cozy setting for live music lovers, reflecting a modern style with subtle references to vintage features.

There are both foreign artists and local talent in a variety of genres on the broad and diversified schedule at Radio Bar Live Venue. There’s always something fresh and fascinating to find, from electronic DJs and experimental performers to indie bands and acoustic singers. The location takes great pleasure in presenting up-and-coming musicians and offering a stage for artistic expression, creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the success of performers.

In addition to live music, Radio Bar Live Venue presents collaborative showcases, open mic nights, and themed events, all of which contribute to the rich cultural diversity of Da Nang’s nightlife. The venue provides a warm and accepting environment for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a music enthusiast trying to explore new sounds or just looking for a fun night out with friends.

As a mainstay of Da Nang’s live music scene, Radio Bar Live Venue draws both locals and visitors to experience the enchantment of live performances in this coastal haven thanks to its dedication to high-quality music, lively atmosphere, and community-driven attitude.

  1. The Trip 66 Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

The atmosphere of Trip 66 Bar combines modern design elements with a touch of tropical charm. Its open-air layout, coupled with cozy seating and earthy timber accents, produces a calm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can relax in hammocks or padded chairs and enjoy a range of cool beverages while taking in the mild sea wind. The bar has a large menu with traditional drinks, regional beers and a variety of wines. A favorite among many guests are their trademark beverages, which are frequently made using local, fresh ingredients.

The lively ambiance of Trip 66 Bar is enhanced by the regular presence of live music. With a wide variety of music to suit all interests, the bar regularly welcomes local bands and DJs. The music elevates the entire experience and leaves guests with unforgettable memories, whether it’s energetic dance hits or tranquil acoustic settings.

Trip 66 Bar is renowned not only for its exciting nightlife but also for its breath-taking sunsets. A lot of people arrive early to get a good place and see the sky turn into a vibrant painting of colors as the sun sets. Trip 66 Bar is a must-visit location in Da Nang because of its charming surroundings, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service.

  1. Simple Man Pub, Da Nang, Vietnam

Those looking for a relaxed and genuine pub experience will find a distinct and welcoming atmosphere at Simple Man Pub, which is situated in the busy Vietnamese city of Da Nang. Tucked away in a quiet area of the city, this pub has grown to be a local and foreigner favorite due to its laid-back atmosphere and welcoming staff.

The Simple Man Pub’s décor has a cozy, inviting feel about it. It creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where guests can unwind and enjoy their time with its rustic wooden furnishings, soft lighting, and unique décor. The unique character and attraction of the tavern are enhanced by the eccentric mementos and local artwork that adorn the walls.

The Simple Man Pub is well known for its extensive drink menu, which accommodates a variety of palates. The bar serves a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines, spirits and beers. Craft beer aficionados will value the assortment of regional brewers available, and lovers of cocktails will savor deftly blended drinks created with fresh ingredients. In addition, the pub offers a small but carefully chosen menu of comfort food and bar snacks that go well with the drinks.

Simple Man Pub’s regular live music events, which feature local musicians, draw large crowds and create an energetic, engaging atmosphere. There is always something to love in the music, which varies from solo acts to full-band concerts. The pub’s laid-back atmosphere and exciting entertainment make it a fantastic place to mingle and meet new people.

All things considered, Simple Man Pub perfectly embodies the spirit of a traditional neighborhood bar, providing the ideal fusion of excellent drinks, fantastic music, and a welcoming ambiance. It’s a must-see for anybody visiting Da Nang, since it’s the perfect spot to relax after a day of touring the city.

  1. Dem Pub, Da Nang, Vietnam

The lively and hip Dem Pub is located in the center of Da Nang, Vietnam, and has grown to be a mainstay of the city’s nightlife scene. Dem Pub draws a varied mix of locals, foreigners, and visitors searching for an unforgettable night out because of its unique atmosphere and vibrant energy.

A fascinating fusion of industrial and modern design elements can be found throughout Dem Pub’s décor. An air of sophistication and edge is produced by exposed brick walls, metal fixtures, and creative graffiti. Neon signs and dimmed lighting add to the pub’s chic design, and the lighting has been carefully chosen to set the mood. Sufficient seating options, encompassing both intimate booths and elevated tables, offer plenty of room for guests to unwind and relish the evening.

The drink menu of Dem Pub is wide and carefully designed. It offers a great assortment of beers from across the world as well as a broad range of traditional drinks and inventive mixology creations. The enthusiastic and talented bartenders frequently interact with patrons to suggest beverages based on their tastes. Dem Pub’s signature drinks frequently feature locally sourced, fresh ingredients, putting a distinctive spin on classic concoctions.

At Dem Pub, live entertainment is a feature. Talented local bands and DJs play a variety of musical genres at the venue on a regular basis. Dem Pub’s music selection ranges from upbeat dance tracks to live acoustic performances, creating a lively and captivating ambiance. The pub’s appeal is increased by theme evenings and special events, which guarantee there’s always something interesting going on.

Dem Pub is a top nightlife location in Da Nang because of its welcoming atmosphere, great beverages, and exciting entertainment. It’s a must-visit for anyone hoping to see the finest of Da Nang after dark because it’s the ideal location for mingling, dancing, and soaking up the colorful spirit of the city.

  1. C Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

Nestled on the charming Da Nang coastline in Vietnam, C Bar is a chic and elegant spot that provides the ideal balance of leisure and enjoyment. It is well-liked by both locals and visitors due to its excellent location on My Khe Beach, which offers breathtaking views of the ocean and a calm atmosphere.

With an emphasis on creating a stylish yet cozy atmosphere, C Bar’s design is sleek and modern. The layout is open-air, letting in cool sea breezes, while the stylish design and contemporary furniture give the bar an upscale vibe. A welcoming location where visitors can relax and take in the scenery is created by cozy lounge spaces that come equipped with soft seats and mood lighting.

The drink menu at C Bar is extensive and well-curated, offering a great selection of wines, beers and cocktails. The drinks are exceptional, made by talented mixologists using premium ingredients and their expertise and imagination to create both traditional and inventive concoctions. Local flavors are frequently incorporated into signature cocktails, creating a distinctive and unforgettable drinking experience. To accommodate a variety of palates, the bar also serves an assortment of premium spirits and excellent wines.

Two essential elements of the C Bar experience are music and entertainment. Live music events are a regular feature at the pub, where local bands and solo performers play a range of genres that add to the relaxed atmosphere. An enjoyable and soothing atmosphere is created by the music and the sound of the waves.

In addition, C Bar offers a menu of bar snacks and light appetizers that go well with its cocktail selection. Delicious food, fine cocktails, and breath-taking views all come together to make C Bar one of Da Nang’s must-visit locations. It’s the perfect place to spend a romantic evening, get together with friends, or just take in the allure of the waterfront scenery.

  1. Hair of the Dog Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

In Da Nang, Vietnam, there is a prominent bar called Hair of the Dog Bar, which is well-known for its friendly atmosphere and upbeat ambiance. This bar, which is in the center of the city, draws a varied clientele that includes visitors, residents, and foreigners seeking an exciting night out.

The décor of Hair of the Dog Bar combines modern design elements with a touch of rustic charm. An atmosphere of casual yet edginess is created by exposed brick walls, wooden furnishings, and colorful graffiti. There is plenty of room for customers to unwind or socialize thanks to the open layout, which features a combination of high-top tables, bar seating and comfortable lounge sections. Bright colors and neon signs add to the lively atmosphere of the bar, which is intentionally built with the purpose of elevating the mood.

With a broad selection of drinks to suit all tastes, Hair of the Dog Bar is proud of its large drink menu. There is something for everyone, including worldwide wines and spirits as well as traditional cocktails and regional brews. The bartenders are renowned for their skill and originality, and they frequently interact with customers to make personalized cocktail recommendations or create unique drinks based on individual preferences. Particularly well-liked are the bar’s signature drinks, which are distinctive concoctions made using local, fresh ingredients.

One of Hair of the Dog Bar’s main attractions is the entertainment. Live music events are regularly held at the venue, where excellent local bands and DJs cover a range of genres from rock and pop to techno and indie. There’s usually a bright and cheerful atmosphere, ideal for dancing and mingling, thanks to the dynamic music scene.

All things considered, Hair of the Dog Bar provides the ideal fusion of delicious cocktails, exciting entertainment and a warm atmosphere. It is an essential destination in Da Nang for anyone wishing to take in the exciting nightlife of the city because of its convenient location and lively atmosphere. Hair of the Dog Bar is the perfect spot to hang out with friends and enjoy a few drinks, or dance the night away.

  1. Heaven Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

Heaven Bar in Da Nang is a well-liked destination for both residents and visitors, offering a distinctive fusion of contemporary ambience and native charm. This bar, which is at the center of the action, is well-known for its rooftop location, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Han River and the Da Nang skyline. These views are especially lovely at night when the city lights glitter.

Heaven Bar boasts a sleek, modern design with chic furnishings and comfy seats, creating a laid-back yet energetic vibe. Its diversified clientele, which includes young professionals, tourists, and expatriates, contributes to its lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The live DJ performances spinning a variety of house and techno music make this place a big hit with music lovers. The dance floor is always packed.

Another thing Heaven Bar is proud of is its wide selection of drinks. There is a cocktail to suit every taste, ranging from traditional classics to creative creations. Their specialty drinks, which are made by talented bartenders who are always willing to customize drinks depending on client preferences, are especially well-liked. The bar serves a variety of small nibbles and snacks in addition to drinks, which go well with each other.

Heaven Bar’s attentive and amiable service is regularly commended for adding to the establishment’s cozy atmosphere. Heaven Bar in Da Nang is a must-visit location that offers a fantastic nightlife experience, whether you’re wanting to relax with a beverage in hand after a long day, dance the night away or just take in the amazing views.

  1. Golden Pine Pub, Da Nang, Vietnam

For those who enjoy live music, Golden Pine Pub in Da Nang is a unique location that provides a lively fusion of ambience, entertainment, and friendliness. Located in the heart of the city’s entertainment center, the bar has established itself as a popular destination for visitors and locals looking for a memorable evening of music and friendship.

The inside of the bar combines modern and rustic design elements, with wooden furniture, moody lighting, and an eclectic assortment of décor to create a welcoming yet energetic atmosphere. This environment is ideal for taking in the wide variety of live music events that Golden Pine Pub is well-known for. The bar features a diverse lineup of performers that include rock, jazz, blues, pop, and local bands as well as foreign acts. Music fans adore this venue because of the continuously high caliber of the live performances.

The vast drink menu at Golden Pine Pub offers a great assortment of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails. Particularly noteworthy are their specialty drinks, which are masterfully mixed by enthusiastic mixologists. In addition, the pub provides a selection of small meals and bar snacks that go well with the beverages and improve the whole experience.

The pub’s attentive and kind staff makes sure that every customer is made to feel at home and well-cared for, which is one of its main advantages. Golden Pine Pub’s lively live music, welcoming ambiance, and dedication to providing exceptional service make it a must-visit location in Da Nang.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or just seeking to hang out with pals, Golden Pine Pub offers a unique experience that perfectly encapsulates Da Nang’s nightlife.

  1. Outpost Hostel Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

In Da Nang, the Outpost Hostel Bar is a bustling meeting place for tourists looking for a combination of leisure, conversation and live music. Nestled inside one of the busiest hostels in the city, this bar is a favorite among young travelers and backpackers because it provides a unique fusion of laid-back vibes and vibrant nightlife.

The inside of the bar has a contemporary yet homely feel to it, with cozy seating, soft lighting, and chic décor that captures the active yet carefree vibe of the hostel. Especially well-liked is the outside seating area, which makes for a perfect place to relax with a drink and enjoy the warm Da Nang evenings.

One of the main attractions at Outpost Hostel Bar is live music. A wide range of regional and touring musicians are frequently featured at the pub, guaranteeing a varied schedule of events. Live music at Outpost, which ranges from solo performances to full band concerts, creates a vibrant and captivating ambiance that attracts both residents and hostel guests. These events frequently feature a variety of musical styles, including blues, rock, folk, indie, and folk.

The Outpost Hostel Bar has a large drink menu with a variety of craft beers, cocktails and reasonably priced drink specials. Their specialty drinks, created by talented mixologists, are especially well-liked. Apart from beverages, the bar serves a range of delectable bar snacks and light meals that ideally match the vibrant ambiance.

The sense of camaraderie at Outpost Hostel Bar is what really makes it unique. The welcoming environment and the personnel encourage visitors to socialise and form new friendships, which improves the trip experience as a whole. Outpost Hostel Bar provides an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for everyone, regardless of whether you’re trying to unwind after a day of touring Da Nang or are excited to enjoy a night of live music and excellent company.