Best Pubs in Canterbury, England

The mediaeval city of Canterbury in Kent, England, known for its lively and varied drinking scene in addition to its historic buildings and rich cultural legacy. Canterbury has several choices to suit every taste, whether you are looking for a modern cocktail lounge or a classic English pub.

Canterbury has an abundance of traditional British pubs, many of which housed in structures that date back centuries. Several places, like The Parrot, The Unicorn Inn, and The Thomas Becket, provide a warm, historic setting for you to savor a good ale, substantial pub fare, and a nice conversation with locals.

Modern pubs: Canterbury has hip pubs and cocktail lounges such as The Pound, The Jolly Sailor, and The Falstaff for those seeking a more contemporary and international drinking experience. These places have an elegant ambiance along with a wide assortment of artisanal brews, excellent wines, and creative cocktails.

Diversity of Nightlife: University students, visitors, and locals catered to by Canterbury’s nightlife. There is something for everyone to do, especially in the city center, thanks to its live music venues, DJ nights, themed events, and karaoke bars.

Beer Gardens and Riverside Views: In the summer months, many bars have lovely terraces and beer gardens where you may sip your drinks al fresco. A few of them offer picturesque vistas of the River Stour, such as The Old Weavers.

Whether you choose the more modern bars’ feel or the more traditional charm of Canterbury’s ancient pubs, the city’s drinking spots provide a varied and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the lively social scene. You can relax, mingle, and become fully immersed in the local way of life there.

In this article, we will give you our list of what are some of the best pubs in Canterbury, England when you visit and want to go for a drink or looking for some lively atmosphere.

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  1. The Pound at One Pound Lane in Canterbury, England

The Pound at One Pound Lane is a unique and contemporary establishment that blends a distinctive location with modern elegance. It is located in the center of Canterbury, England. Due to its chic and international ambiance, this hip location has grown to be a favorite with both residents and visitors.

The Pound’s setting is one of its key characteristics. The pub, which occupies a historic structure, has several separate areas, such as a classy cocktail bar, a picturesque patio, and a bustling beer hall. The interior’s stylish and welcoming atmosphere created by fusing modern and classic design elements.

The Pound has a wide assortment of drinks, including wines, spirits, beers, and cocktails made with craft ingredients. With its varied selection, it is a flexible place to hang out with friends or celebrate a special night out. It serves a broad spectrum of tastes. The bartenders are renowned for their inventiveness and professionalism, which guarantees that each drink is skillfully made.

The Pound’s lively and captivating ambiance enhanced by the regular events and live music performances it hosts. It’s a location where locals and visitors alike congregate to relish a contemporary and international interpretation of pub culture, all while taking in the distinctive surroundings of Canterbury’s city center.

For anyone looking for a more chic and modern place to spend an evening in Canterbury, The Pound at One Pound Lane is a must-visit. It offers a novel and modern twist on the pub experience.

  1. Drapers Arms Pub in Canterbury, England

The Drapers Arms is a well-known traditional tavern that blends old world elegance with a cozy ambiance. This popular tavern, which is housed in a historic building, is well-liked by both residents and tourists.

The Drapers Arms praised for offering the traditional British pub experience. With its warm fireplace, wooden beams, and cozy seating, the interior design embodies the essence of a classic bar. It is a warm area where guests are welcome to unwind, mingle, and take in the welcoming atmosphere.

The wide assortment of drinks at The Drapers Arms is one of its best features. With a wide selection of wines, spirits, beers, and ales, the pub is sure to please any pallet. The bar crew is renowned for their attentive and personable service; they are always happy to make friendly drink recommendations or extend a warm welcome.

The bar frequently offers quiz nights, live music events, and other entertainment, which adds to the vibrant and interesting atmosphere. Locals and visitors alike congregate there to relax and partake in the camaraderie of classic British pub culture.

A beloved fixture in Canterbury’s social fabric, The Drapers Arms provides a warm welcome to guests wishing to experience the essence of a classic British pub as well as a taste of the town’s rich history. For anyone looking for an authentic and unique pub experience in Canterbury, this place is a must-visit.

  1. Old Buttermarket Pub in Canterbury, England

Situated in the centre of Canterbury, the Old Buttermarket Pub is a well-known and historic pub that skillfully blends a cozy and friendly ambiance with traditional charm. With a rich past, this tavern is a popular hangout for both residents and visitors.

The old building that houses The Old Buttermarket contributes to its distinct charm. Its interior, with its exposed wooden beams, quaint alcoves, and elegant furnishings, combines elements of the classic and modern styles. This makes the place welcoming and suitable for customers looking for a laid-back vibe.

The Old Buttermarket’s extensive drink menu is what makes it unique. To ensure that there is something for every taste, the pub offers a large selection of ales, beers, wines, and spirits. The friendly bartenders can assist you in selecting the ideal drink to go with your visit; they are renowned for providing exceptional service.

The bar regularly offers themed parties, quiz evenings, and live music performances, which liven up the atmosphere overall. Locals and visitors alike can congregate in this lively and captivating environment to relish the camaraderie of classic British pub culture.

The Old Buttermarket Pub is Canterbury’s center of tradition and community, not merely a place to get a drink. It is a memorable and delightful place for anyone wishing to experience the center of the city’s social scene because it provides a real British pub experience.

  1. The Three Tuns Pub in Canterbury, England

Nestled in the center of Canterbury, The Three Tuns Pub is a beloved and historic business with a warm and inviting ambiance that radiates character. Both locals and tourists have a particular place in their hearts for this classic British pub.

The Three Tuns’ timeless charm is what draws people in right away. The bar, which housed in a centuries-old building, has exposed beams, traditional furnishings and a warm atmosphere. It is a welcoming place for customers to congregate, unwind, and mingle thanks to the décor and design, which inspire a feeling of heritage.

One of The Three Tuns’ best features is its wide assortment of expertly chosen drinks. To satisfy a wide range of tastes, the pub offers a varied selection of beers, ales, wines, and spirits. The bar staff’s friendliness and expertise elevate the overall experience, guaranteeing that patrons have a delightful and lasting stay.

The pub frequently holds sporting events, quiz nights, live music, and special events, which liven up the environment and make it more appealing. It’s a spot where locals and visitors alike go to take advantage of the wonderful courtyard and the companionship of classic British pub culture.

For those wishing to get right in the thick of things in Canterbury’s social scene, the Three Tuns Pub offers a welcoming and genuine experience, perfectly encapsulating the city’s rich history. For anyone looking for a true British pub experience in Canterbury, this place is a must-visit.

  1. The Millers Arms Pub in Canterbury, England

Known for its distinctive setting and classic British pub charm, the Millers Arms Pub is a renowned and historic establishment located in Canterbury, England, on the banks of the Great Stour River. Both locals and guests have a particular place in their hearts for this bar.

The Millers Arms has a unique atmosphere because housed in a magnificent 16th-century edifice. This tavern offers a really special and attractive setting with its exposed wooden beams, cozy décor, and quaint riverbank terrace.

With a large assortment of ales, beers, wines, and spirits, The Millers Arms is a spot where guests may enjoy their favorite beverage while admiring the picturesque riverbank views. The personnel is well known for providing amiable and considerate service, fostering a warm environment that makes guests feel at home.

The Millers Arms distinguished by its breath-taking setting beside the river, which offers guests a tranquil and pleasant environment. It is the perfect spot to relax and sip on a drink while taking in the tranquil river flow.

This pub adds a lively and interesting ambiance with its frequent themed nights and live music events. Enjoying the charms of Canterbury’s riverbank environment, traditional British pub culture is enjoyed by both locals and visitors at The Millers Arms. It is a must-go place for everyone looking for a unique and genuine pub experience.

  1. Lady Luck Pub in Canterbury, England

The beloved and unique Lady Luck Pub blends the best of classic British pub culture with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. Situated in the center of Canterbury, England. Both locals and visitors love this tavern because of its distinct personality.

The Lady Luck is unique because of its varied atmosphere. Rock music memorabilia, colorful artwork, and a warm atmosphere inside cater to guests looking for a fun and unique pub experience. It is a pub for people who love music, have an alternative edge, with its rock-themed décor, and live music events.

The pub is a great spot to enjoy your favorite beverage while taking in the lively surroundings because it serves a wide variety of drinks, including craft beers, ales, cocktails, and spirits. The bartenders are renowned for providing warm, accommodating service.

The live music scene at The Lady Luck, which regularly hosts gigs by regional and national musicians, is one of its distinguishing qualities. This produces a vibrant and lively atmosphere that is ideal for people who enjoy listening to live music and interacting with other music lovers.

A distinctive and beloved fixture of Canterbury’s social scene, the Lady Luck Pub offers a lively and unusual interpretation of classic British pub culture. For those who want to take in live music, cocktails, and a vibrant ambiance right in the middle of the city, this is a must-visit location.

  1. The Black Griffin Pub in Canterbury, England

Tucked away in Canterbury, England’s ancient center, the Black Griffin Pub is a well-liked and evocative venue that strikes a mix between a classic British pub culture and a historical experience. Both residents and visitors have won a particular place in their hearts for this bar.

The Black Griffin’s historical appeal is what draws your attention to it right away. The bar, which occupies a structure that dates to the eighteenth century, has open fireplaces, exposed wooden beams, and vintage furniture that take you back in time. It’s a friendly area where guests are welcome to unwind and mingle in a historically inspired setting.

There is a wide variety of beers, ales, wines, and spirits available in the pub. Enjoy a real ale or a good wine selection while taking in the rustic surroundings at this establishment. The attentive bar service makes for a pleasant and welcoming visit, adding to the whole experience.

Open mic nights, live music events, and other entertainment frequently held at The Black Gryphon, which fosters a vibrant and interesting atmosphere. It’s a location where locals and guests congregate to take in the conviviality of classic British pub culture amongst Canterbury’s ancient city center.

The Black Griffin Pub offers an authentic British pub experience and is more than simply a place to enjoy a drink. It is a living piece of history. For those who want to be right in the thick of the historical and social life of the city, this is a must-see location.