Best Things to Do and See in Tahiti

Travelling to Tahiti is like travelling to a paradisiacal place where lush scenery, azure waters, and Polynesian culture all come together to make the perfect getaway. Coral reefs encircle Tahiti, the biggest island in French Polynesia,, making it a sanctuary for both nature lovers and swimmers.

The capital city of Tahiti is Papeete, which has a bustling atmosphere thanks to its colorful markets, French-inspired food, and the famous Marché de Papeete, where guests can take in the vivid hues and aromas of tropical fruits, handicrafts, and Tahitian vanilla.

Volcanic activity has left Tahiti’s coastline with stunning white-sand beaches like La Plage de Maui and PK18 Beach, ideal for swimming and relaxation, and black-sand beaches. The island’s natural beauties are on display at the Arahoho Blowhole and the Faarumai Waterfalls.

The Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands is a fascinating trip through the history, art, and customs of the region that can help one gain a deeper understanding of Polynesian culture.

Discovering the other islands, such Moorea and Bora Bora, reveals stunning scenery and overwater bungalows. These perfectly capture the essence of luxury in this paradise in the South Pacific. For those looking for a tropical getaway with a hint of Polynesian flavor, Tahiti is a captivating location because to its friendly people, abundant marine life, and breath-taking scenery. In this article, we will give you what you should do and see in when you visit Tahiti.

  1. Visit Papeete

Travelers experiencing Papeete, the dynamic capital of French Polynesia, swept up in a vibrant fusion of Tahitian charm and French flare. Papeete, located on the island of Tahiti, is the cultural and commercial center of this fascinating South Pacific archipelago.

With its colorful flowers, handcrafted goods from the region, and a rainbow of tropical fruits, the bustling Marché de Papeete is a sensory extravaganza. Discovering this vibrant marketplace offers a glimpse of daily life in Tahiti and a chance to try some unusual treats.

Wandering along the shoreline leads to the well-known Bougainville Park, a verdant haven in the middle of the city where sculptures and colorful plants provide a calming haven. The venerable Notre-Dame Cathedral, with its unusual wooden architecture, is proof of French culture’s continuing impact.

Waterfront promenades beautify Papeete’s seashore, beckoning strolls with views of the island’s characteristic volcanic peaks. The Robert Wan Pearl Museum highlights the beauty and importance of these brilliant gems while providing insight into Tahiti’s well-known pearl industry.

With its vibrant markets, historical sites, and tropical environs, Papeete’s French Polynesian charm makes it an entrancing starting point for exploring the paradisiacal landscape that spreads over the islands of this captivating archipelago.

  1. Go Diving or Snorkeling in Tahiti

Tahiti diving and snorkeling offers a fully immersive experience into the fascinating underwater world of French Polynesia, where bright coral formations and marine life abound in the pristine seas. For those who enjoy diving, the neighboring lagoons and coral reefs provide a kaleidoscope of colors.

Moorea known for its great snorkeling locations, such as the Lagoonarium, where guests may swim with rays, sharks, and a variety of tropical species. Moorea is only a short boat journey from Tahiti. Opunohu Bay’s coral gardens offer an amazing snorkeling experience amidst coral heads and a variety of aquatic life.

World-class diving sites are Tahiti’s outlying reefs, like Fakarava and Rangiroa, for those who want the excitement of deeper waters. The South Pass of Fakarava is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that is well-known for its gorgeous coral walls and shark-filled passages. One of the biggest atolls in the world, Rangiroa, welcomes divers to explore the Tiputa Pass, where they frequently run across schools of vibrant fish and dolphins.

Diving and snorkeling in Tahiti show an underwater wonderland that perfectly complements the attraction of this South Pacific paradise, whether you glide through the lagoons of Moorea or drop into the depths of Fakarava.

  1. Beach Resorts in Tahiti

In the center of French Polynesia, Tahiti’s beach resorts provide an opulent refuge of luxury with their overwater bungalows, immaculate beaches, and verdant surroundings.

Located on the main island, the InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa offers expansive views of the surrounding island of Moorea as well as the ocean. It perfectly depicts the tranquil lagoon and overwater bungalows that define Tahitian paradise.

The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort redefines luxury on the island of Bora Bora. Private pools and direct access to the blue lagoon are features of its overwater villas. The stunning environment further enhanced by the resort’s famous Mount Otemanu background.

On the exclusive island of Motu Tautau, Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa envelops visitors in Polynesian elegance. This resort provides overwater bungalows with views of Tahaa’s coral reef, surrounded by vanilla plantations.

On its own motu, the Vahine Island quiet Resort offers a quiet haven with beachfront cottages, attentive service, and a peaceful ambience for a more intimate encounter.

The beach resorts of Tahiti, with their distinct charm and opulent amenities, represent the pinnacle of tropical luxury and are the perfect getaway for travelers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this South Pacific paradise.

  1. Check out the Waves at Teahupo’o in Tahiti

Teahupo’o is a legendary wave on Tahiti’s southwest coast that is regarded as one of the world’s most difficult and breathtaking surf breaks. Teahupo’o, which translates to “place of skulls” in Tahitian, is a sacred spot for surfers looking for the biggest thrill and is well-known for its enormous and strong waves.

This famous reef break, which is located near the town of Teahupo’o, is known for producing waves that may reach heights of up to 20 feet. The break is well-known for its large barrels, steep drops, and a shallow coral reef that ups the challenge’s hazard factor. Those who dare to ride Teahupo’o demonstrate the highest level of wave-riding proficiency as they expertly maneuver these enormous waves.

Thanks to the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti, a World Surf League competition that draws top surfers from all over the world, Teahupo’o became well-known worldwide. Because of the wave’s power and beauty, the surfing community is fascinated by it and holds it in high regard. For those looking for the greatest surfing experience in the heart of French Polynesia, it is still a must-see location.

  1. Go to Māhina in Tahiti

Māhina, a quaint seaside village on Tahiti’s northern coast, captures the easy-going Polynesian way of life and provides a window into the real beauty of French Polynesia. Tucked up between verdant mountains and the glistening Pacific Ocean, Māhina is renowned for its peace and breath-taking vistas.

Locals and tourists alike congregate on the town’s sandy beach and charming marina to take advantage of the pleasant tropical weather. While the beachfront promenade offers the ideal backdrop for leisurely strolls and catching breath-taking vistas of Moorea in the distance, the tranquil waters are suitable for swimming and paddle boarding.

Māhina is renowned for its thriving local market, where locals exhibit a variety of freshly harvested food, handcrafted items, and customary Polynesian treats. The market acts as a center for social interaction among the community, exhibiting the friendly hospitality of Tahiti culture.

With its friendly attitude and tranquil location away from the busy city life, Māhina is the perfect place for anyone looking for a quiet getaway in Tahiti. The town perfectly encapsulates the beachside charm of French Polynesia with its unique blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and laid-back lifestyle.

  1. Relax on the Beach in Tahiti

Unwinding on Tahiti’s beaches is like taking a luxurious vacation in a tropical paradise, where the blue embrace of the South Pacific meets immaculate sands. Every beach, whether you are relaxing on the well-known Matira Beach in Bora Bora or the isolated sandbars along Tahiti’s coast, is serene and full of natural beauty.

As guests unwind on fine dunes and enjoy the warm tropical sun, the sound of the lovely blue waves crashing on the shore provides a calming melody. Tahiti’s beaches provide a lovely environment for relaxing and experiencing the laid-back Polynesian lifestyle, framed by swaying palms and bright flora.

The constant ebb and flow of the tide creates a natural soundtrack for times of relaxation on beaches like Papenoo and La Plage de Maui. Wading in the shallows or taking leisurely swims or snorkeling excursions are encouraged in the pristine waters.

Tahiti’s distinctive black-sand beaches, which created by volcanic activity, give the country’s coastline landscape a dramatic touch. Whether at Pointe Venus or Lafayette Beach, these different coastlines provide a calm setting for reflective times.

Relaxing on Tahiti’s beaches is more than just a way to pass the time; it’s an immersive experience that transports you to the heart of French Polynesia, where the warm tropical sun and stunning scenery combine to create a memorable beach getaway.

  1. Go Relax in Bora Bora

Known as the “Pearl of the Pacific,” Bora Bora is a lush tropical paradise that personifies French Polynesia’s ultimate in luxury and scenic splendor. This dreamy island, bordered by coral reefs and encircled by a vivid turquoise lagoon, has an amazing scenery that draws tourists from all over the world.

The overwater bungalows and verdant surroundings that characterize Bora Bora’s aesthetic are majestically framed by the famed Mount Otemanu, a dormant volcano located at the heart of the island. The underwater playground that the coral reefs on the island provide for divers and snorkelers is teeming with marine life.

With its pristine white sands and glistening clear waters, Matira Beach is an idyllic retreat for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. A peek of Bora Bora’s rich marine biodiversity can be found in the lagoonarium and Coral Gardens’ coral gardens.

The island is made more alluring by opulent resorts, each with a long stretch of exclusive overwater bungalows. With direct access to the lagoon, these upscale lodgings seamlessly combine luxury and the beauty of the natural world.

The allure of Bora Bora is its ability to combine stunning scenery with a feeling of seclusion, which makes it the ideal travel destination for anyone looking for an unmatched getaway in the lap of tropical luxury.

  1. Go for a Cruise around Tahiti and French Polynesia

A trip throughout French Polynesia and Tahiti offers a mesmerizing voyage over the turquoise waters of the South Pacific, unveiling a patchwork of idyllic islands, vivid coral reefs, and the welcoming embrace of Polynesian culture.

Cruise itineraries frequently include stops at well-known locations including Bora Bora, Moorea, and Raiatea. They depart from Tahiti’s Papeete. Every island has a different combination of verdant scenery, clear lagoons, and the allure of overwater cottages.

With its leisurely trip that offers possibilities for snorkeling in vivid coral gardens, exploring lush interiors on guided excursions, and taking in traditional Polynesian dance and music performances on board, the ship’s languid rhythm perfectly reflects the laid-back Polynesian way of life.

Travellers can see magnificent sunsets over the Pacific while cruising the turquoise waters, which creates a romantic atmosphere on deck. In addition, several cruises offer water-based pursuits like kayaking, paddle boarding, and even shark and ray excursions, which offer a vibrant and all-encompassing view of the islands’ underwater treasures.

A trip across Tahiti and French Polynesia is a maritime voyage that reveals the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this enchanted corner of the world, whether cruising the fabled Society Islands or heading to the isolated Marquesas.

  1. Festivals in Tahiti and French Polynesia

Festivals in Tahiti and French Polynesia bring tourists an immersive journey into the heart of Polynesian customs and celebrations, bringing these regions to life with color and cultural diversity.

Among the most important cultural gatherings in French Polynesia is the Heiva Festival. This month-long celebration, which takes place every year in July, features traditional dance competitions, sporting events, and exhibitions of traditional arts and crafts. A spectacular procession featuring traditional Tahitian music and dancing marks the celebration’s climax.

A thrilling outrigger canoe race, the Hawaiki Nui Va’a draws competitors from all around the Pacific. This three-day competition honors both athleticism and the Polynesian seafaring legacy while guiding paddlers through the breath-taking scenery of Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a, and Bora Bora.

If you are into the lively rhythms of Tahitian drumming, you have to go to the Tahiti Drum Festival. Drumming ensembles from several islands come together for this event, resulting in a rhythmic spectacle that echoes with the throbbing energy of Polynesian culture.

These celebrations in French Polynesia and Tahiti offer a genuine glimpse into the customs of the islands, promoting a profound understanding of the diversity of cultures that characterizes this alluring region of the South Pacific.