Biggest Tourist Attractions in Halifax

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax, is a favorite travel destination for people from all over the world. Halifax, a city on Canada’s east coast, is renowned for its illustrious nautical past, breath-taking surroundings, and warm inhabitants.

The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, a 19th-century stronghold that was important to Canada’s military history, is one of Halifax’s major attractions. Additionally, the city is home to a large number of museums, such as the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which highlights the city’s maritime heritage.

Other well-liked sights in Halifax include Point Pleasant Park, a lovely park with breath-taking views of the city and the ocean, and the picturesque Halifax Waterfront, with its lively boardwalk and historic buildings. The city’s downtown center has a large selection of stores, eateries, and cafes for individuals who enjoy shopping and dining.

Overall, Halifax is a thriving, hospitable city that has plenty to offer everyone. Anyone visiting Canada’s east coast should make sure to stop there because of its fascinating history, stunning surroundings, and welcoming residents. In this article, we will give you what you should do and see when you visit Halifax.

  1. Tour of Peggy’s Cove

One of Halifax’s most well-liked and practical ways to visit one of Nova Scotia’s most famous locations is to take a tour of Peggy’s Cove. There are numerous tour companies that provide guided journeys to Peggy’s Cove from Halifax, giving tourists a convenient and stress-free way to experience the settlement and its surrounds.

A typical Peggy’s Cove tour from Halifax will include transportation to and from the settlement, as well as informational stops about the local history, way of life and natural attractions. Visitors, who can also take in the breath-taking views of the forested surroundings and rocky shoreline, can explore the village and its well-known lighthouse.

Other local attractions like the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site or the charming town of Mahone Bay may also be visited during some tours. The majority of trips offer plenty of opportunities to take pictures, take in the surroundings, try local cuisine, and shop for souvenirs.

Overall, taking a tour of Peggy’s Cove from Halifax is the best way to see this well-known location while benefiting from the convenience and expertise of an experienced guide.

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2. Old Town Clock in Halifax

A well-known landmark located in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the Old Clock Tower, sometimes referred to as the Halifax Town Clock. It was built in 1803, and it towers above the city and its busy waterfront from Citadel Hill.

The Old Clock Tower is a symbol of Halifax’s rich heritage and has historical value. It was built to provide accurate timekeeping in an era before widespread access to personal clocks, helping to keep naval commanders and city residents on time. The “Penny,” the clock’s mechanism, is still running today, making it one of the oldest continuously running clocks in North America.

Ascending Citadel Hill allows visitors to tour the tower and become immersed in its colorful past. Panorama views of the city are also available from the clock tower, allowing tourists to take in Halifax’s and its environs’ breath-taking natural beauty.

The Old Clock Tower is a beloved representation of Halifax’s past and a monument to its enduring attractiveness. It is a popular tourist destination for both locals and visitors. It serves as a constant reminder of the value of keeping time and the city’s maritime heritage.

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3. Watch the Fishing Boats Return from Catching Lobster

A thrilling and genuine maritime experience is watching fishing boats return to Halifax after capturing lobster. Halifax, which is well-known for having a strong fishing sector, provides visitors with an up-close view of the daily activities of lobster fisherman.

The air is charged with excitement as the boats make their way back to the harbor. Visitors who line the docks or who locate a cozy location at a riverfront café can see the show. It inspires admiration and gratitude for the perseverance and passion of the seasoned fishermen to see them unload their catch, which is stuffed to the gills with lobster traps.

The air being filled with the distinct perfume of the sea and the brilliant colors of the lobster traps creates a sensory experience. As the lobsters are sorted, weighed, and packaged for distribution, visitors may observe and learn how these delicious crustaceans are transported from the ocean to our plates.

Beyond the visual spectacle, seeing the fishing boats arrive provides an insight into the way of life in Nova Scotia’s coastal villages. It’s a chance to engage with the area’s rich maritime history and to recognize the toil of those who bring the sea’s bounty to our plate.

  1. Nightlife in Halifax

Visitors and locals alike can choose from a variety of options in Halifax’s thriving nightlife scene. There are several bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the city, many of which are found in the central business district.

The Historic Properties, a cluster of renovated structures that now host a variety of clubs and restaurants, is one well-known nightlife attraction in Halifax. With live music and outdoor patios, this neighborhood is especially bustling on the weekends and in the summer.

Along the beachfront, there are a number of pubs and nightclubs, making the Halifax waterfront a well-known destination for nightlife. While the Dome is a well-liked nightclub with multiple dance floors and a wide selection of music, the Lower Deck is a popular bar with live music and a lively atmosphere.

Halifax is home to a large number of craft brewers and pubs that provide locally made beer and a comfortable ambiance for those looking for a more relaxed evening. These places are fantastic for a night out with friends because many of them provide live music or trivia nights.

Overall, Halifax’s nightlife scene has options to suit all tastes and interests and has something for everyone.

  1. Visit the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

Anyone travelling to Halifax must go to the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk. The boardwalk, which is 4 kilometers long and runs alongside Halifax Harbor, provides guests a range of sights and activities as well as breath-taking views of the water.

Visitors can discover a wide range of stores, eateries, galleries, and historic monuments like the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 along the boardwalk. A number of public art displays and street performers enhances the boardwalk’s lively ambiance.

Along with offering cultural and historical attractions, the boardwalk is a well-liked location for outdoor activities. Visitors can take a boat tour of the waterfront or rent bicycles or rollerblades to explore the neighborhood. The Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, the longest-running market in North America, is one of many parks and green areas along the promenade.

Overall, the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk is a must-visit location for anybody seeking to take in Halifax’s beauty and culture.

  1. Do an Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour is a singular and immersive experience that immerses guests in the area’s rich brewing history. One of the oldest and most well-known breweries in Canada was founded in 1820 and is called Alexander Keith’s.

As tour guides accompany guests around the ancient brewery, visitors are transported back in time. Visitors are treated to engrossing tales, anecdotes, and engaging performances that bring the brewing process and Halifax’s heritage to life as they tour the facility.

The tour includes a stop at the original Keith’s brew house, where guests can observe conventional brewing methods in action and discover the artistry behind the renowned Keith’s brews. Along the way, attendees are encouraged to take part in engaging toasts, sing classic songs, and take part in participatory games.

Of course, visiting a brewery would not be complete without sampling the products. While taking in the lively environment of the brewery’s hospitality area, guests can sample a range of Alexander Keith’s brews, including their signature India Pale Ale (IPA).

For beer lovers, history fans, and anybody else looking for an exciting and educational experience in Halifax, the Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour is a must-go.

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  1. Visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

An intriguing museum devoted to the maritime history and culture of Atlantic Canada is the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which is situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The museum’s displays span a variety of subjects, such as shipbuilding, navigation, and the historical significance of the sea in Atlantic Canada.

The Titanic exhibit, which includes artefacts and accounts of the Titanic’s 1912 catastrophe, is one of the museum’s most well-liked displays. In addition to interactive displays that let visitors experience what it was like to be a passenger on the tragic voyage, the museum contains things like a deck chair, a life jacket, and a piece of the ship’s hull.

The Halifax Explosion, the Royal Canadian Navy’s contribution to World War II, and the history of commercial fishing in Atlantic Canada are just a few of the additional exhibits in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The museum also houses a collection of over 30,000 pictures as well as a sizable library of books and documents on maritime subjects.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic offers a wealth of knowledge and exhibits that highlight the significant role that the sea has played in forming Atlantic Canada’s past and present, making it a must-visit location for anyone interested in maritime history and culture.

  1. Explore Halifax Public Gardens

In the center of Halifax, there lies a lovely oasis called the Halifax Public Gardens. One of the first public gardens in North America, it was founded in 1867 and is a well-liked hangout for both locals and tourists.

The gardens include a variety of trees, flowers, and plants, as well as a tropical garden, a rose garden, and a Victorian-style flower garden. The gardens also feature a number of fountains and ponds, as well as a bandstand where summertime activities like concerts are hosted.

A leisurely stroll through the gardens, some downtime on one of the many seats, or a picnic on the grass are all options for visitors. There are numerous historical structures and statues spread out across the park, and the gardens are a well-liked location for wedding and engagement pictures.

Overall, the Halifax Public Gardens are a serene and lovely location in the center of Halifax that provides a pleasant respite from the rush of daily life.

  1. Visit the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

In Halifax, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is a must-see attraction for art enthusiasts. Over 17,000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed-media pieces, are housed in the gallery’s collection, with a focus on Nova Scotian and Canadian artists.

The Maud Lewis show, one of the gallery’s most well-liked displays, includes a number of the well-known Nova Scotian folk artist’s well-known vividly colored paintings of rural Nova Scotia. Additionally, the gallery hosts recurring exhibitions that highlight historical and contemporary works of art from Nova Scotia and elsewhere.

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia also provides a variety of programmes and activities, such as talks, workshops, and tours, in addition to its exhibits. Additionally, the gallery has a gift shop where one-of-a-kind presents and mementos created in response to the collection are sold.

Overall, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is a must-visit location for anybody interested in Nova Scotian and Canadian art and culture, featuring a wide variety of pieces and exhibitions that highlight the region’s rich artistic past.

  1. Visit Point Pleasant Park in Halifax

At the southernmost point of the Halifax Peninsula sits the stunning 75-hectare park known as Point Pleasant Park. With beautiful walking and hiking trails, lovely picnic spots, and breath-taking views of Halifax Harbour, the park is a well-liked gathering place for both locals and tourists.

Deer, bunnies, and other bird species are among the many animals that call the park home. The park’s numerous trails, which meander through forests and along its rocky shoreline, are open to visitors to explore. The Prince of Wales Tower, a national historic site established in 1796, as well as other military forts and batteries, are among the numerous historic structures that can be found inside the park.

Point Pleasant Park has numerous outdoor performances and events throughout the summer, and it has a number of playgrounds and sports fields.

Overall, Halifax’s Point Pleasant Park is a stunning and serene haven that gives guests a chance to escape the city’s bustle and take in the natural splendor of the Nova Scotia coastline.

  1. Go watch a Halifax Mooseheads Game

The Halifax Mooseheads are a well-known ice hockey team. They participate in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) and have developed a sizable fan base over time.

The Mooseheads, a professional hockey team in Halifax, rose to fame after their 1994 founding. The Scotiabank Centre, where they play their home games, offers fans an energetic atmosphere. Green, white, and red are the team’s colours, which are symbolic of Nova Scotia.

The Mooseheads have enjoyed considerable success throughout their history, winning numerous QMJHL titles and receiving acclaim on a grand scale. Talented players they have developed have gone on to play in the NHL and represent their nations in international games.

The group’s commitment to community involvement is also admirable. They actively take part in numerous philanthropic projects and events, building a close relationship with their fan base and having a positive influence off the ice.

The Halifax Mooseheads offer exhilarating on-ice action, a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of community for hockey fans who share a passion for the game. They now play a significant role in the city’s sports culture, earning them a well-deserved place in hockey fans’ hearts.

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  1. Go enjoy Lawrencetown Beach

Just a short drive from Halifax, Lawrencetown Beach is a well-known surfing spot on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore. The beach is a favorite destination for both experienced and novice surfers due to its broad, open stretch of sand and its regularly high surf conditions.

Lawrencetown Beach is a well-liked location for swimming, tanning, and picnics in addition to surfing. On the beach, there are a number of picnic tables, barbecue pits, public restrooms, and showers.

There are cliffs, dunes, and salt marshes all around the beach, which is surrounded by stunning natural surroundings. The trails close by give breath-taking views of the coastline and the Atlantic Ocean, which visitors can explore.

In general, Lawrencetown Beach is a stunning and soothing location that gives tourists an opportunity to get away from the city’s congestion and take in the natural beauty of the Nova Scotia coastline.

  1. Festivals in Halifax

Halifax, the vivacious capital of Nova Scotia, is well-known for having a thriving festival scene all year long. The city hosts a wide variety of events that draw both locals and tourists, ranging from musical extravaganzas to cultural gatherings.

A must-attend event is the Halifax International Buskers Festival, when skilled street performers from all over the world display their abilities and dazzle audiences with mind-blowing acts, music, and humour.

The Halifax Jazz Festival, which features well-known regional and worldwide musicians, brings the city to life with the soulful sounds of jazz. This multi-day festival features intimate club performances, outdoor concerts, and workshops.

The Halifax International Boat Show features a wide variety of boats and marine equipment for those who are interested in maritime heritage, drawing boating enthusiasts and business professionals from near and far.

The Halifax Pride Festival, which features a vibrant parade, live music, parties, and community activities that support equality and diversity, celebrates LGBTQ+ culture and inclusivity.

Other significant festivals that display the city’s cuisine, music, and cultural heritage are the Halifax Oyster Festival, the Halifax Pop Explosion, and the Halifax Celtic Festival.

Everyone can find something to like in Halifax’s festival scene, which is a great way to experience the city’s thriving culture, music, and entertainment.

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14. Visit Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Anyone interested in the military history of Canada must visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. The Citadel, a 19th-century stronghold in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, was crucial to the defense of both the city and the nation.

The Citadel welcomes guests all year long and provides tours and informational exhibits that examine the site’s significance and history. Visitors are welcome to see the barracks, observe demonstrations of military manoeuvres and equipment, and even catch the renowned midday gun being fired at the Citadel.

In addition to its historical value, the Citadel is a well-liked location for tourists and photographers because it provides breath-taking views of the city and harbour. Additionally, the location holds annual special events like led ghost tours and historical re-enactments.

The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is, all things considered, an interesting and instructive place to see when in Halifax. It is one of the city’s main attractions and a must-visit location for history aficionados and culture lovers due to its rich history, gorgeous architecture, and breath-taking views.