Must Go to Pubs in Edinburgh

To fully experience Edinburgh’s bustling and active social scene, visiting pubs is a must. Edinburgh, which is well-known for its vibrant pub scene, has a wide variety of places that may accommodate all preferences and settings.

Numerous classic pubs can be found along the city’s Royal Mile, where you may take in the history of the area while sipping a pint of locally produced beer. These inviting bars frequently have attractive interiors, wooden furniture, and live music performances.

The hip pubs in neighbourhoods like the Grassmarket and George Street provide a dynamic nightlife experience for those looking for a more modern ambiance. These places highlight the city’s developing bar scene, which ranges from craft beer breweries to cocktail bars.

It’s possible to try traditional Scottish foods and drinks while exploring the bar scene. Try a drink of Scotch whisky and indulge in a hearty plate of haggis, neeps, and tatties while you’re there.

Additionally, a lot of pubs in Edinburgh hold open mic nights, pub quizzes, and live sports broadcasts, all of which contribute to the lively and inviting atmosphere that both locals and visitors enjoy.

Visits to pubs in Edinburgh are guaranteed to be memorable and delightful, packed with good drinks, wonderful company and the friendly Scottish hospitality, whether you’re searching for a conventional pub experience or a modern bar with a twist.

In this article, we will give you our list of pubs you should visit when you are visiting Edinburgh.

1. The Bailie Pub

The Bailie Pub is a well-liked tavern tucked away in Stockbridge, in the centre of Edinburgh. It has been a meeting spot for residents and visitors alike for more than a century because of its rich history and welcoming atmosphere. With its vintage furnishings, warm fireplace, and classic decor, entering the Bailie Pub is like travelling back in time.

The Bailie Pub gives a taste of Scotland’s best spirits and is renowned for its amazing collection of Scottish whiskies. Here, whisky connoisseurs can choose between smoky Islay malts and silky Highland blends to create their ideal dram. In order to satisfy everyone’s tastes, the pub also offers a wide selection of different libations, such as regional ales and ciders.

The Bailie Pub is recognised for its friendly hospitality in addition to its amazing alcohol selection. The helpful and courteous staff creates a pleasant environment where guests can unwind, enjoy the company of friends, or engage in stimulating conversations with other customers.

The Bailie Pub is a must-visit location whether you’re looking for a calm evening by the fire or a wild night out in the centre of Edinburgh. It’s a spot where tradition and friendliness converge, providing a real Scottish pub experience that will stick in your memor

2. Teuchters Landing

In the bustling Scottish city of Edinburgh, there lies a quaint waterfront bar called Teuchters Landing. This bar, which is located in Leith’s historic Shore neighbourhood, provides both locals and guests with a distinctive and scenic ambiance. Teuchters Landing, located in a former warehouse, fuses rustic beauty with modern design.

Teuchters Landing’s wide variety of whiskies from Scotland and other countries is one of its features. The extensive selection of single malts, blends and unique bottlings that are available behind the bar will thrill whisky connoisseurs. The expert staff is always available to discuss recommendations and their love of this well-known Scottish liqueur.

Teuchters Landing has a terrific cuisine with traditional pub fare with a Scottish touch in addition to its whisky selections. The tavern serves you wonderful meals produced using locally sourced ingredients, from robust fish and chips to tantalising haggis bon bons.

Teuchters Landing is a must-visit location for people looking for an authentic Scottish pub experience in Edinburgh because of its laid-back ambiance, breathtaking waterfront views, and superb whisky and food options.

3. The Queen’s Arms

Among the vibrant bar scene in the city, The Queens Arms bar is a true jewel. This institution, which is located in the picturesque New Town neighborhood, combines historic grandeur with a friendly atmosphere.

You will be welcomed by the Queens Arms’ exquisitely designed décor, which combines classic and modern style. With its quaint dining areas, wooden furnishings, and beautiful wall art, the tavern emanates a timeless appeal.

The Queens Arms’ outstanding cuisine is one of its most distinctive qualities. The bar has a varied menu that includes both local specialties and cuisine from around the world. The culinary selections satisfy a variety of tastes and dietary preferences, from tender Scottish steaks to inventive vegetarian dishes.

The bar is well known for its extensive assortment of spirits, beers and ales. The kind and educated staff is always available to help you discover the ideal beverage, whether you’re in the mood for a pint of locally made ale or a well created cocktail.

The Queens Arms Pub is a must-see location in Edinburgh whether you’re searching for a cosy place for a pint, a delectable dinner, or a fun night out. It is a favorite among both locals and tourists because of its winning combination of classic charm, first-rate cuisine, and kind hospitality.

4. Jolly Judge

The Jolly Judge Pub is a hidden gem that perfectly encapsulates the character of traditional Scottish pubs. It is located in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. This inviting business, which is tucked away on a tiny close just off the Royal Mile, oozes charm and character.

Low ceilings, exposed stone walls and a cosy fireplace in the old building where The Jolly Judge is located entice guests to stay warm on chilly Edinburgh days. Its cosy size only enhances its appeal, fostering a friendly atmosphere where guests may engage in lively conversations and take pleasure in a sense of community.

The Jolly Judge has a sizable assortment of beers, ales, and whiskies despite its diminutive stature. Craft beer aficionados can choose from a variety of Scottish malts, each with a unique flavour character, while whisky lovers can choose from a rotating selection of local and foreign brews on tap.

The pub is particularly well-known for its live folk music performances, when a brilliant group of musicians come together to create an actual Scottish pub atmosphere. These events further accentuate the welcoming and energetic atmosphere of the pub.

The Jolly Judge Pub in Edinburgh is a must-visit location for anyone looking for a traditional Scottish pub experience. It is a favorite hangout for both locals and tourists due to its historic charm, welcoming environment, and delicious drinks.

5. The Golf Tavern

Golf fans and pub visitors alike hold a particular place in their hearts for the historic establishment known as The Golf Tavern Pub. This famous bar, which is a part of the Bruntsfield community, has been serving customers since 1456, making it one of the oldest still operating pubs in Scotland.

The Golf Tavern is rich in golfing tradition, as its name suggests. One of the world’s oldest golf courses, Bruntsfield Links, is reported to have used it as its clubhouse. The walls are covered in golf memorabilia, honoring the sport’s illustrious past.

In addition to its history in golf, the bar has a cosy and welcoming ambiance. It’s the ideal spot to unwind with its traditional decor, inviting lounging areas, and blazing fireplace. The bar in the pub is filled with a variety of domestic and foreign beers, spirits and whiskies.

The Golf Tavern is more than simply a bar; it’s also a place to eat. Its menu features traditional pub fare like filling burgers, fish & chips, and tasty pies. Visitors can enjoy their meals in the elegant indoor dining room or, during the warmer months, choose a seat in the beer garden.

The Golf Tavern Pub is a must-see location in Edinburgh for golf fans, history buffs, and anybody looking for an actual pub experience. It is a favored location in the city’s pub scene thanks to its inviting atmosphere, rich heritage, and delectable food and drink.

6. The Mitre Bar

The Mitre Bar is located almost directly half way between the Castle and Holyrood Palace on the historic Royal Mile. There are many pubs on the Royal Mile, but this one is one of our favorites for its rich history and amazing traditional Scottish pub.

The original tavern originated in 1615 and was owned by John Spottiswood, who was then Bishop of St Andrews. However, it burned down in 1814, was replaced by The Mitre Bar, and has stood ever since.

If you are looking for a great Scottish experience with great pub food and a wide range of beers and ales then this is your place. In addition, if you want to watch some sport, then this is a great place to watch the game, as there is usually a good atmosphere during any big game.