Must See Countries to Visit in 2024

In 2024, setting out on an international journey promises an unmatched voyage of exploration that blends various cultures, environments, and experiences. The travel industry is changing, placing more emphasis on cultural immersion, sustainability, and visiting lesser-known locations.

Begin your journey in vibrant cities such as Tokyo, where traditional customs blend seamlessly with cutting-edge advancements. Proceed to discover the diverse cultural offerings across Europe, ranging from Rome’s historic allure to Berlin’s avant-garde vibe. Explore Vietnam and experience its amazing people, food, and culture.

Immersion travel offers a plethora of immersive experiences. Take part in cultural festivals that honor the diversity of human heritage, sample authentic food in street markets, and volunteer with local communities.

Travelling smoothly is made possible by technological advancements, which range from eco-friendly transportation choices to smart luggage. Take on the spirit of adventure by participating in a variety of activities, some of which are listed below and on other blogs we’ve written for our website.

In 2024, travelers are encouraged to rewrite their travel stories in order to build empathy, comprehension, and a profound respect for the planet’s natural beauty. This global journey promises not only a personal odyssey but also a shared commitment to preserving the wonders that make our world extraordinary, with a focus on responsible tourism. In this article, we will give you our list of some of the must see tourist destinations of 2024.

  1. Visit Beautiful Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its friendly people, so when you go there in 2024, you can anticipate a warm welcome. The people are welcoming and frequently share their rich cultural heritage through festivals, customs, and social gatherings.

Diverse Locations: There are many different places to visit in Vietnam. Every region has its own distinct charm, from the busy streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to the tranquil settings of Ha Long Bay and the cultural treasures of Hoi An.

Diverse Cultural Experiences: Take part in customary ceremonies, visit historic temples, and peruse lively marketplaces to fully immerse yourself in Vietnam’s diverse cultural tapestry. Don’t pass up the chance to sample the regional cuisine, which is renowned for its mouth-watering flavors and specialties.

Natural Beauty: Vietnam has breathtakingly beautiful natural settings. The terraced fields of Sapa, the pristine beaches of Phu Quoc, and the limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay offer a variety of natural beauty. To fully experience the nation’s biodiversity, think about visiting the national parks and reserves.

Adventure Opportunities: Vietnam offers a range of activities for those seeking adventure, including boating on the Mekong Delta, hiking in the northern mountains, and caving in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Adventure tourism is still expanding and providing tourists with exciting and unusual experiences.

Improved Infrastructure: Vietnam has made investments to upgrade its infrastructure for tourists. A more convenient and comfortable travel experience is facilitated by upgraded facilities, better accommodations, and improved transportation.

Cultural Festivals and Events: To find out what cultural festivals and events are taking place while you’re there, consult the local calendar. These festivities offer a window into Vietnamese customs, artwork, and folklore.

Keeping up with health precautions, entry requirements, and travel restrictions is essential, especially in light of the changing global landscape. To guarantee a trouble-free and delightful trip to Vietnam in 2024, consult official government sources and get in touch with the appropriate authorities.

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  1. Visit the Netherlands

Taking into account the customary attractions and travel trends, I can give you a general idea of what visiting the Netherlands in 2024 might entail, given that it made our list of must-see destinations in 2023.

Charming Cities: One of the Netherlands’ most famous features is its beautiful cities. Amsterdam is a must-see city with its recognizable canals and cultural landmarks like the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum. Discover the distinct fusions of history, architecture, and modernism that each of the three cities—Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague—offers.

Tulip Season: The well-known Dutch tulip fields are a magnificent sight in the springtime. Keukenhof Gardens, a floral haven with millions of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths in bloom, is close to Amsterdam.

Cycling Culture: With a vast network of bike paths, the Netherlands is a cyclist’s dream destination. Take a bike rental and explore both the countryside and cities. The infrastructure for bicycling will probably be even more advanced in 2024, encouraging environmentally friendly and healthful travel.

Cultural Heritage: Take in the sights and sounds of the Netherlands by going to UNESCO-listed locations like the Wadden Sea and the Amsterdam canals, as well as historical sites like Zaanse Schans, a living outdoor museum close to Amsterdam.

Festivals and Events: All year long, the Netherlands is home to a number of festivals and events. King’s Day, or Koningsdag, is observed in April and is a national holiday with lively street celebrations. Electronic music fans flock to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in October, which features international DJs.

Gastronomic Discovery: Dutch cooking extends beyond cheese and stroopwafels. Take a look around the markets, sample some haring (raw herring), have some Dutch pancakes, and enjoy the variety of dishes served in the nation’s restaurants.

Waterways and Windmills: Take a leisurely stroll along Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and stop by Kinderdijk to see the recognizable windmills of the country. It’s worth investigating the water management engineering marvels of the Netherlands.

Make sure you keep up to date on health precautions, entry requirements, and travel regulations—especially in light of the changing global landscape. When organizing your trip to the Netherlands in 2024, make sure to check official government sources and get in touch with the appropriate authorities for the most recent information.

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  1. Visit Beautiful Italy

Italy is known for its classic cities, each possessing a distinct allure. The capital city of Rome is home to historic treasures like the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Venice’s picturesque canals are world-famous, and Florence is home to a wealth of Renaissance artwork. Naples and Milan provide a fusion of rich history and modern culture.

Cultural Renaissance: Art enthusiasts are drawn to Italy because of its rich cultural legacy. Discover the Vatican City in Rome, which is the location of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. See Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli’s masterpieces at the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries in Florence.

Culinary Delights: The world over, Italian food is renowned. Savor homemade pasta dishes, local delicacies, and gelato. Discover markets and sample wines from the area to experience the variety of Italian cuisine.

Coastal Beauty: There are many beautiful places along Italy’s coastline. While Cinque Terre offers vibrant villages perched on the Ligurian coastline, the Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking views from its cliffside locations. Sicily and Sardinia are home to stunning beaches and distinctive cultural experiences.

Historic Sites: Marvel at the beautifully preserved arenas in Verona, explore historic ruins like Pompeii and Herculaneum near Naples, and take in the magnificence of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Festivals and Events: All year long, Italy is home to a number of festivals and events. February sees the annual Venice Carnival, a spectacle of costumes and masks. An ancient horse race that dates back to the Middle Ages is the Siena Palio, which takes place in July and August.

Sustainable Travel: Italy is probably going to priorities environmentally friendly projects as awareness of sustainable tourism rises. Think about visiting areas while emphasizing ethical travel and helping out small companies.

Recall to keep yourself updated on health precautions, travel restrictions, and entry requirements. As you prepare for your trip to Italy in 2024, consult official government sources and get in touch with the appropriate authorities for the most recent information.

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  1. Explore Beautiful Canada

Canada is renowned for having a wide variety of landscapes. Exploring natural wonders like Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, and the coastal beauty of British Columbia, visitors can find themselves in the breath-taking Rocky Mountains in the west and the picturesque Maritime provinces in the east.

Bustling Cities: A combination of contemporary conveniences and cultural experiences can be found in places like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Highlights in these dynamic cities include Montreal’s Old Port, Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and Toronto’s famous CN Tower.

Cultural Riches: Take in the vibrant culture of Canada. Visit art galleries and museums, take in live performances, and discover how French and English influences are uniquely combined in places like Quebec and Montreal.

Outdoor Adventures: For those who love the great outdoors, Canada is a playground. Adventure seekers have a plethora of options, from hiking in national parks to skiing in the Rockies to kayaking in coastal waters.

Indigenous Experiences: To obtain a deeper understanding of Canada’s past, take part in cultural events, visit Indigenous heritage sites, and interact with local communities to learn about the country’s Indigenous cultures.

Festivals and Events: Throughout the year, Canada holds a number of festivals and events. There’s always something going on that suits a variety of interests, from the Toronto International Film Festival to the Calgary Stampede in Alberta.

Wildlife Encounters: There is a wide variety of wildlife in Canada. Think about opportunities to see wildlife, like whale watching off the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific, or seeing bears and other creatures in their native environments.

Travel Regulations: Stay informed about entry requirements and travel regulations. Check for COVID-19 guidelines, visa requirements, and any other travel-related rules that the Canadian government may have established.

Prior to making travel plans in 2024, always make sure you are aware of the most recent updates regarding health precautions, travel restrictions, and safety measures in Canada. For the most recent information, check with the appropriate authorities and official government sources.

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  1. Explore Scotland

Scotland in 2024 offers a diverse range of experiences, combining breath-taking scenery, lively cultural offerings, and historic charm. Here’s an idea of what to anticipate:

Historic Treasures: Stirling Castle, the Royal Mile, and Edinburgh Castle are just a few of Scotland’s well-known historical sites. Discover the fascinating history of the nation by visiting old castles, battlegrounds, and historical sites.

Scenic Landscapes: Those who enjoy the outdoors will adore Scotland’s landscapes. The nation is home to a wide variety of breath-taking natural features, from the untamed Highlands to the tranquil lochs and charming islands like Skye. You can drive through some of the most breath-taking scenery on the North Coast 500 route.

Whisky Tasting: Visit whisky distilleries to savor Scotland’s national beverage. Discover the centuries-old process of distillation while tasting some of the best Scotch whiskies by travelling to Speyside, Islay, or the Highlands.

Events and Festivals: Scotland hosts vibrant, varied festivals. There is a thriving cultural scene with music, art, and entertainment, whether you’re celebrating Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve), the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, or the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Outdoor Adventures: Those looking for adventure can go camping or hiking. Engage in water sports along the immaculate coastlines of the nation, hike in the Cairngorms National Park or go mountain biking in Glentress Forest.

Culinary Delights: Scotland’s food scene has developed and now offers far more than just neeps and haggis. In cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, indulge in fresh seafood, discover a wide variety of eateries, and enjoy farm-to-table dining.

Local Culture: Take advantage of the friendly hospitality extended by the Scots by going to events, dancing at ceilidhs, and mingling with the amiable locals. Learn about the rich folklore and traditions that are indigenous to the nation.

Sustainable Tourism: Scotland is following the rest of the world in adopting sustainable tourism. Anticipate eco-friendly initiatives, ranging from responsible tour options to eco-accommodations, encouraging visitors to acknowledge and conserve Scotland’s natural beauty.

It’s important to keep up with the latest travel laws, health advisories, and safety protocols when making travel plans to Scotland in 2024. For the most recent information, consult reputable authorities and official government sources.

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  1. Visit Poland

Poland entices tourists in 2024 with a concoction of vibrant culture, rich history, and varied landscapes. Here’s a taste of what to expect when travelling to Poland:

Historic Cities: Start your trip in the capital, Warsaw, where a distinctive atmosphere is created by a blend of modern architecture and painstakingly restored historical sites. Discover the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Krakow, which is renowned for its lively market square and mediaeval charm.

Cultural Jewels: Poland has a vibrant past. Explore the history of Auschwitz, take a tour of Krakow’s Wawel Castle, and meander through the Old Towns of Gdansk and Wroclaw. Experience Poland’s vibrant arts scene by going to festivals, concerts, and cultural events.

Natural Wonders: Take in the variety of Poland’s landscapes. Water lovers can find a tranquil haven in the Masurian Lake District, while hikers and skiers can enjoy the Tatra Mountains. The European bison can be found in the UNESCO World Heritage site Białowieża Forest, which also provides a glimpse of prehistoric wilderness.

Culinary Delights: The history and regional diversity of Poland are reflected in its cuisine. Enjoy smoked cheese, bigos (hunter’s stew), and pierogi (dumplings) as you visit traditional restaurants and local markets. A shot of Żubrówka goes well with your dinner, or you can sip craft beers from the emerging beer scene.

Festivals and Events: Take in the colorful festival culture of Poland. There’s always something going on that celebrates the arts, music, and regional customs, from the St. Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk to the Film and Jazz festivals in Krakow.

Kind Hospitality: Discover the warmth and friendliness that characterize Polish hospitality. Talk to people, take part in cultural events, and experience the friendly culture of this nation.

Sustainable Tourism: An increasingly global issue, sustainable tourism is becoming more and more popular in Poland. Anticipate programmes encouraging eco-friendly behaviors, such as eco-friendly lodging and responsible travel choices.

UNESCO Heritage Sites: There are a lot of UNESCO-listed sites in Poland. Discover the country’s varied natural and cultural heritage by visiting the historic salt mines in Wieliczka, the wooden churches of southern Małopolska, and the mediaeval town of Toruń.

Before arranging your trip to Poland in 2024, make sure you are aware of all the laws pertaining to travel, health, and safety. For up-to-date details on local customs and entry requirements, always consult official sources.

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  1. Explore Beautiful Japan

Modern technology is renowned in Japan. You can anticipate even more innovation in 2024, including high-speed trains and sophisticated robotics. Tokyo in particular, with neighborhoods like Odaiba and Akihabara, displays the newest technological marvels.

Traditional Culture: Japan values its rich cultural past in addition to embracing modernity. Take part in traditional tea ceremonies, visit historic locations like Kyoto’s temples and shrines, and take in the splendor of seasonal celebrations like springtime cherry blossom viewing, or hanami.

Culinary Delights: In 2024, you can savor a wide range of delectable Japanese cuisine, which is celebrated all over the world. Every region has its own specialties when it comes to kaiseki (traditional multi-course meals) and sushi and ramen. Remember to sample the street food and visit specialty food districts such as Dotonbori in Osaka.

Scenic Landscapes: The landscapes of Japan are breath-taking and varied. See Mount Fuji, stroll through the charming Shirakawa-go villages, and unwind in hot spring resorts like Hakone. Those who love the outdoors can go hiking in the Japanese Alps or visit stunning city gardens.

Cultural Events: Throughout the year, Japan holds a number of cultural events. Think about going to events like the Awa Odori in Tokushima, the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, or the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori in 2024. Traditional arts, performances, and colourful parades are featured at these events.

Improved Accessibility: Japan’s transport network is constantly being improved. Travel is efficient thanks to the high-speed Shinkansen trains that connect major cities. Well-developed public transport systems in cities make it simple to visit popular tourist destinations.

Distinctive Lodging: Japan provides a variety of lodging options, ranging from contemporary hotels to conventional ryokans. In a ryokan featuring futon beds, onsen baths, and tatami floors, savour the warmth and hospitality of Japan.

Make sure you keep up to date on health precautions, entry requirements, and travel regulations—especially in light of the changing global landscape. When making travel plans to Japan in 2024, check official government sources and get in touch with the appropriate authorities for the most recent information.

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  1. Experience the Beaches of Tahiti

Travelers continue to be drawn to Tahiti in 2024 by its allure, which is rooted in the captivating beauty of French Polynesia. Here’s a taste of what to expect when travelling to Tahiti:

Tropical Paradise: The word “tropical paradise” is commonly associated with Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia. Tahiti makes for a dreamy getaway with its lush landscapes, turquoise waters that are crystal clear, and vibrant coral reefs.

Overwater Bungalows: Treat yourself to the height of luxury with bungalows situated above the captivating lagoons, offering direct access to them. Enjoy waking up to expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and feeling like you have your own little slice of heaven.

Diverse Polynesian Culture: Beyond its breath-taking natural surroundings, Tahiti is a cultural haven. Absorb yourself in the traditional dance, music, and artwork that define the Polynesian way of life. Discover intricate handicrafts and try real Tahitian food by exploring the local markets.

Adventure Awaits: Tahiti has a variety of outdoor adventures to offer thrill-seekers. Explore the colourful underwater environment by going on scuba diving or snorkelling excursions. Take a leisurely kayak ride through the peaceful lagoons, hike to waterfalls hidden in the lush mountains or take a 4×4 safari through the rough terrain.

Matavai Bay and Black Sand Beaches: Take a trip to Matavai Bay, which is noteworthy historically due to its connection to Captain James Cook. Bask in the warm Pacific sun and unwind on the distinctive beaches with black sand, which are the result of volcanic activity.

Vanilla Plantations: A trip to a vanilla plantation is a delightful experience. Tahiti is known for its vanilla. Discover how vanilla is grown, try some products made with vanilla, and buy some to bring a little bit of Tahiti home with you.

Polynesian Festivals: Take in the energy of Polynesian celebrations and activities, like the Heiva Festival, which offers traditional sports, music, and dance. Participating in regional festivities offers a glimpse into Tahiti’s diverse cultural heritage.

Sustainable Tourism Initiatives: Tahiti is expected to highlight programmes that protect its pristine environment and encourage responsible travel, as the focus on sustainable tourism grows.

When arranging your trip to Tahiti in 2024, make sure you keep up with the latest rules regarding health, safety, and travel. For up-to-date details on local customs and entry requirements, always consult official sources.

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  1. Visit Germany

Germany is still a fascinating travel destination in 2024, skillfully fusing its rich history with modernity. The nation, which is well-known for its vibrant cities, stunning scenery, and rich cultural legacy, has something to offer every type of tourist.

Begin your journey in Berlin, the vibrant city where the remains of the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate serve as reminders of the city’s past. Take in the vibrant atmosphere of Kreuzberg and Museum Island’s top-notch museums as you immerse yourself in the city’s cultural scene.

Travel to Bavaria to experience Neuschwanstein Castle’s fanciful charm, perched atop the Bavarian Alps. With its cobblestone streets and timber-framed homes, the charming mediaeval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Franconia transports you back in time.

Explore the Black Forest’s natural beauty, which includes charming villages, thick forests, and skilfully crafted cuckoo clocks. A trip to Wolfsburg’s Autostadt or Stuttgart’s Mercedes-Benz Museum is essential for anyone who enjoys cars.

Savor the variety of German cuisine by indulging in hearty pretzels, sausages, and regional specialties. During Oktoberfest, pair your meals with world-class beers, or visit the emerging wine regions along the Rhine and Moselle rivers.

Explore the nation with ease thanks to effective public transport as you travel around. Major cities are connected by high-speed rail, and driving through beautiful scenery is made easier by well-maintained autobahns.

Germany’s dedication to innovation and sustainability is demonstrated in 2024 by its state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly programmes. Regardless of your interests—historic sites, breath-taking scenery, or modern urban vibes—Germany continues to be a top travel destination with a well-balanced mix of history and modernity.

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10. Visit the Philippines

In 2024, the Philippines entices with its tropical charm, presenting a varied mosaic of topography, lively customs, and gracious hospitality. This more than 7,000-island archipelago never fails to enthral tourists looking for sunny beaches, verdant jungles, and distinctive cultural experiences.

Start your adventure in Manila, the nation’s capital, where historical sites and contemporary skyscrapers coexist. Discover the Spanish colonial-era architecture of Intramuros, a walled city, and take in the bustling street food scene at Mercato Centrale.

Boracay, renowned for its azure waters and powdery white sands, continues to be a must-visit location for beach lovers. Sustainability initiatives help to preserve this tropical paradise in 2024, guaranteeing its unspoiled beauty for future generations.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a serene haven that can be found in Palawan, sometimes known as the “Last Frontier,” with its breath-taking limestone karst formations. El Nido and Coron have pristine waters that are perfect for world-class diving and island hopping excursions.

Accept Cebu’s diverse cultural fabric, which includes lively street markets, colourful festivals, and historical sites like Magellan’s Cross. With their unusual geological formations, the Chocolate Hills in Bohol offer a surreal setting that is well worth seeing.

Treasures like the Banaue Rice Terraces, which highlight the inventiveness of the native Ifugao people, can be found in the northern regions of Luzon. You can travel back in time in Vigan thanks to its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture.

The Philippines is still celebrating its holidays with great zeal in 2024. Experience the lively MassKara Festival in Bacolod or the lively Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo, which both perfectly capture the joy and camaraderie of the Filipino people.

Savor the delicious local food, which includes halo-halo, sinigang, and adobo, among other dishes that offer a delightful fusion of flavors, as you travel through this tropical paradise. In 2024, the Philippines will be a remarkable travel destination due to the friendliness of the Filipino people and the breath-taking natural scenery of the islands. You are welcome to discover its splendor and celebrate its rich cultural legacy.