Tips on How to Save Money While Travelling

Who out there would not want to save some money while you are travelling? For many people, they may feel they cannot afford to take a trip because of all the money you will spend. Yes, of course you will need to spend money, so you can enjoy yourself and have a trip that you will never forget.

However, with the world constantly changing and as we become more connected to this digital world. It allows us to not only save money before we travel, but also save when we get off the plane at our destination, so it will leave us with more money in our pocket.

We want to share some travel tips with you that you should not do or try to avoid when you are away. This way you can travel smarter, cheaper and longer because of the extra money.

  1. Do your Homework and Book your Travel Early

In most cases, I would say book your travel well in advance, so this way you are getting the cheapest deals. Please keep in mind that with most airlines you are not able to book your flight more than a year out. In addition, most airlines and rail companies change their prices 3 months out and it depends on demand, but usually this price only goes higher.  Also, keep in mind that if you travel during the high season then prices will be much higher than the low season.

However, with tours, cruises and hotels, you may find some better deals closer to the date, as they may have some last-minute deals so they are able to fill spaces or their hotel.

With the use of the internet, you are on this website receiving information and doing your homework and we want to help you find the best deals as well for your travel. We would also recommend that you do further research on your destination, so you feel comfortable arriving and not like a tourist that looks lost. If this happens, then you might as well put a sign on your chest saying come take my money because I do not know what I am doing or where I am going.

  1. Don’t Exchange Money at the Airport

Never exchange money at the airport unless you really have to because they will generally have the highest exchange rates due to the demand from the tens of thousands of people arriving every day who will need some local currency. The best option is having some local currency with you and then you can exchange more money in the city where the rates are higher. However, if you need some local currency right there, then we recommend that you use an ATM where you will always get the best rates. Please keep in mind that most ATM’s will charge you a small fee for taking money out, as well as your bank from your home country. We recommend that you do not just take out a small amount, but an amount that you will likely use for your whole trip and this way you are only paying these fees once. Make sure, before you leave your home country to call your bank and let them know that you are going overseas and that you will be using your debit and credit cards, so they do not block them on you.

Please keep in mind, that many major cities now especially in Europe are going contact-less and will not even take cash, so stick to plastic as much as you can.

Two helpful hints that we feel are useful. First, in our opinion travel checks are a thing of the past and expensive. Only get these if it brings you a peace of mind, but keep in mind that there are many charges when you use them. Second, we do not recommend going into your local bank in your home country to order currency of the place you are traveling to before you leave. You might as well light your money on fire, because these banks will charge you a very high exchange rate.

  1. Avoid Taking Local Taxis if you Can

Try avoiding taking a local taxi because depending on the city you are in, they may take a detour or a bit longer of a journey, that leaves you with less money. If you need to take a taxi, make sure you get one from the official taxi rank at the airport where the meter will be a fixed price.

Another option if you need to take a taxi is book one in advance or with an app, which most of us use this day in age. Travel with Chris has teamed up with KiwiTaxi, which offers great service for transfers and they are located in over 500 airports and 100 countries.

Alternatively, you see what the local transport is like from the airport. If there is a train or shuttle bus then we recommend taking this because you will likely save more money than you would by taking a taxi.

  1. Buy a Local or International SIM Card

This is one that most people would not even think of and just keep their mobile from home on roaming, which results in huge costs when you get home. If you are going away for a while like a week or more, We recommend that you buy a local pay as you go SIM card where you will get local rates and the best prices, so you are able to have some date and minutes while you are away. Go to a local corner or convenience store or phone shop and compare prices from different companies. Or another option is the first universal SIM card, which is immediately ready to work in any country once you land.

  1. Don’t Eat Near Major Tourist Attractions

Try to avoid the restaurants around popular tourist attractions where most the tourists hangout. Yes, you may feel comfortable around this area because you see so many people. However, the result is that the food will be at least double the price and in many instances, you may not even be trying the local food, but popular western food that caters to tourists.

I recommend getting off the beaten path a bit, even just a few blocks in each direction and try a restaurant here. You will probably find a different menu, that is cheaper and the quality of the food is probably better as well. Finally, you should try some of the local food stalls and street food, especially if you are in Asia where some of the food stalls have amazing food and great prices.

  1. Consider Booking your Accommodation at a Hostel / Backpackers

When most people think of hostels or backpackers they think of bedbugs and poor students or young people that have no other place to stay. I would say that nowadays many hostels are cleaner than most hotels and they offer loads of amenities like laundry facilities, free WIFI, bars, restaurants, and some even have a pool.  What is also great about staying here is that is a perfect place to meet other people from around the world and to book a local tour from because most will sell them at the desk and they will be getting the best prices.

Most of us do not want to stay in a dorm room, so book yourself in one of the private rooms and you will have all the comforts of a hotel, but you will have the social aspect when you want to mingle with others. Hostels are a place for those who are like-minded and love to travel and to meet other people. In the end, staying at a hostel is usually more affordable then staying at a hotel, so you will save money while you are travelling.